Avoid SEO Company who promises you 100% guaranteed result

Say no to Guaranteed SEOYou do realise how some companies fake their vision and goals to lure the people and hence, sales. It’s the same for SEO companies. They claim ranking in so and so days or months. Whatever bait they could set to survive their business instead of looking for their clients’ needs. It’s natural to fall for such promises. That’s where we come in.

Let me put this in simple way, “Dear clients, Stay away from such promises”. There is no need to overthink. Those guaranteed result success are the first serious step for the fall out for your businesses.

Let’s try and simplify this, here are some of the points you should know and consider before you make decision:

SEO is time consuming process and its hard to guarantee result

SEO is a complicated process. It doesn’t work by the sole motives of SEO experts. There are numerous factors that come in to determine your rankings. It’s a long term process. When you are seeking for SEO services, you are looking for results, visibility and sales. Not all SEO companies have the potentialities, positive approach or adequate knowledge to give realistic outcome.

In simple word: No one knows exact algorithm of Google, hence its almost impossible to guarantee result.

No one knows exact ranking signals

SEO plays by its own rules. You can only bring changes. Most SEO experts spend great deal of time to improve changes reading articles, learning, sharing and trying out new tactics. If you wonder, why? It’s because they don’t know exact ranking signals. They don’t know which method may work. SEO is dynamic and so should SEO experts.

There is no one particular code for success of SEO companies.

Higher competition makes more difficult to guarantee

Level of competition can vary based on nature of business. Some business get less competition and some very high. When the competition is higher, it makes the SEO job more difficult as 100s of other compete for similar keywords to get ranking.

On the positive side, when there is higher competition, many business pushes the envelope and tries unethical (Black Hat) approaches to get ranking and sooner or later their ranking gets dropped. So, the best way to succeed is to have long term SEO strategy to get quality ranking.


So far, we talked about issues, how about the solution? Here are some of the points you should consider before choosing the SEO Company:

  • Stay away, when a company talks about guaranteed SEO result.
  • Talk to the SEO consultant and try and understand if he /she got long term vision for your business.
  • Do not keep shuffling SEO companies, the job will become more difficult.
  • Choose a company who has holistic approach to understand your business and goals and prepare and execute campaign accordingly.

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