Avoid SEO Company who promises you 100% guaranteed result

Say no to Guaranteed SEOYou do realise how some companies fake their vision and goals to lure the people and hence, sales. It’s the same for SEO companies. They claim ranking in so and so days or months. Whatever bait they could set to survive their business instead of looking for their clients’ needs. It’s natural to fall for such promises. That’s where we come in.

Let me put this in a simple way, “Dear clients, Stay away from such promises”. There is no need to overthink. Those guaranteed result successes are the first serious step for the fall out for your businesses.

Let’s try and simplify this, here are some of the points you should know and consider before you make a decision:

SEO is a time-consuming process and it’s hard to guarantee result

SEO is a complicated process. It doesn’t work by the sole motives of SEO experts. There are numerous factors that come in to determine your rankings. It’s a long term process. When you are seeking for SEO services, you are looking for results, visibility and sales. Not all SEO companies have the potentialities, positive approach or adequate knowledge to give a realistic outcome.

In a simple word: No one knows the exact algorithm of Google, hence its almost impossible to guarantee the result.

No one knows exact ranking signals

SEO plays by its own rules. You can only bring changes. Most SEO experts spend a great deal of time to reading articles, learning, sharing and trying out new tactics. If you wonder, why? It’s because they don’t know exact ranking signals. They don’t know which method may work. SEO is dynamic and so should SEO experts.

There is no one particular code for the success of SEO companies.

Higher competition makes more difficult to guarantee

Level of competition can vary based on the nature of business. Some business gets less competition and some very high. When the competition is higher, it makes the SEO job more difficult as 100s of others compete for similar keywords to get ranking.

On the positive side, when there is higher competition, many businesses pushes the envelope and tries unethical (Black Hat) approaches to get ranking and sooner or later their ranking gets dropped. So, the best way to succeed is to have long term SEO strategy to get quality ranking.


So far, we talked about issues, how about the solution? Here are some of the points you should consider before choosing the SEO Company:

  • Stay away, when a company talks about guaranteed SEO result.
  • Talk to the SEO consultant and try and understand if he /she got long term vision for your business.
  • Do not keep shuffling SEO companies, the job will become more difficult.
  • Choose a company who has a holistic approach to understand your business and goals and prepare and execute campaign accordingly.

What should you do if your SEO Company is not getting results?

When you have hired an SEO company, then they should be getting results(SEO Results doesn’t come overnight).

As a business owner, you should analyse if the required effort is applied on to your site.

You should have a regular conversation about the step and strategy the company is taking to improve the ranking. If you feel they are doing all the required work then you should allow them time to work and assess after a few months.

Important: You also need to think if you are on a better package which allows the company to do all required work.

But if you already been with a company for several months and still there is no change and if you have no idea what’s going on then its time to think and take steps.

Reality: Majority of companies are flooded with clients and they do not apply the required time and effort and in the pool of clients you might be lost somewhere.

Meaning if you are not treated fairly then you should make a decision and move to a new SEO provider who can provide you personalised service.

Note: SEO is long term strategy and it’s extremely important to find the right business to work with. If you keep shuffling thinks may go worse than improving. So, work with someone who has a record of keeping clients for the long term and who has produced quality results for their clients.

Things you should know as a business owner:

  • If you are just asking you got x number of keywords to optimise then you are inviting trouble. Example: I just need 5 keywords to be optimised to bring up on page one of Google.
    • SEO is not just about optimising few keywords, if you ask them to do in that manner then the company will do whatever it may take to get you on page one and you may get there for some time and if it is not done in right manner, not your ranking will drop but it will get impacted heavily and it will be hard to recover.
    • A lot of the time they do poor quality backlinks which just gives a quick result and then it gets trapped by Google as poor practice.
  • Think about following before you ask for x number of keywords:
    • You should have a very well build site with proper consideration of navigation and usability.
    • Think about having amazing quality content which people will love.
    • Often great quality content gets linked by other sites which will generate natural links.
    • A verified business listing by Google (Plus / Map) as it creates trust.
    • Think about having a blog strategy to publish regular content.
    • Having proper social media planning always complements SEO.
    • Now, if you got all of above then you may not need to talk about x number of keywords, you will have a good ranking by now anyway.
  • Meaning SEO is a long term strategy and which requires work from different angles.

What you should do if you got a general understanding of the above:

  • Find a company who will say they will follow a holistic approach.
  • Do your research or ask your friends.
  • Talk to the person who will do the SEO work for you in the company.
  • If you feel if you got the right business to work with then allow then required time to see results.

SEO Company can make or break your business

SEO Company can make or break your business

It may sound exciting when you decide to hire an SEO company but it can get complicated if the decision is not right. SEO companies have grown like a weed in numbers in recent years. Not only have they grown in numbers, but also claim to have achieved something when they have not. The false promises and the outdated practice are the factors to watch out for while screening out SEO companies.

The important thing is to understand the value they provide for your businesses to achieve your goal.

You must understand

It is very important to understand Search Engine Optimisation is a long term process. If you seeking for a quick result or if the company you are thinking will offer you quick result then you are inviting problems.

You must also discuss with SEO Company about their backlink strategy if they offer. This can make or break your business. If not done in the right way, not only your ranking will drop but in the worst-case scenario, you may be penalised by Google and it will be really difficult to recover.

A right SEO strategy can help your business grow

It is given that all the SEO companies big or small, have its own strategies. But, the key point here is in staying active, when Google makes changes. It’s called the updated practice. SEO companies may pull out strategies with their same old and outdated practices. It simply doesn’t work. It’s important to have the right SEO strategy in place so as to trigger the results. Having the right strategy is the key to have a positive impact and grow your business.

Many have not realised this but right SEO strategy can help you

  • Build your brand and can create an online reputation
  • Bring more traffics to your website and hence chances of a sale
  • Your business is found easily by the customers
  • Grow your visitors, subscribers, leads and hence, sales
  • Improvement in page ranking
  • And many more…

Your SUCCESS KEY is to hire a company who has a vision for your business

Hiring a company who has long term vision for your business should be your first priority.  Look for the SEO companies with a clear vision, updated practice and result oriented businesses. Their past success could be a significant factor to decide their strength. It is a difficult choice but it is a crucial decision to make. A right one always brings significant positive changes in your sales, visitors and leads. They could be your cash cows in your investment. Therefore, digest the fact that your key to success is to hire a company that brings quality result.

How many SEO companies ruin online business?

You will be surprised that there are many companies who simply apply the old style of poor backlinking and does very little or no significant change on the website. And this poor approach leads to a ranking drop and in some case, it gets penalised by Google.

SEO is not cheap

Generally, SEO is not cheap as it requires a lot of effort to optimise business online. If you can afford, go with a mid or high-level plan and discuss in detail with what you will get in return (short term and long term). If you are a startup or if you don’t have a budget for SEO, consider working on producing quality content on your website and come back to search engine optimization later. In some cases, AdWords campaign can give you a good return for your investment.

Say NO to guarantees SEO result

When some SEO companies guarantee results, it may sound tempting but do not fall into its trap. Unlike other industries, SEO doesn’t work on a guarantee basis. Even the experts who have pioneered in this field wouldn’t guarantee the results. Read more about why you should avoid guaranteed SEO result. 

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