Top 10 Link Building Strategies / Best Quality Link Building Techniques

Are you an SEO account manager and wondering where to start and how to start link building? Or are you a business owner with little knowledge about SEO and thinking how to start link building? Some may ask: How to do ethical link building?

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Here are some of the best (top 10) and proven Link Building strategies.


  1. Blog is great way to have quality content and get back links
    If you love writing or you have someone who can write good quality content, then this is one of the best ways to start. People love good articles especially when they would like to know something. As you will have more and more quality content in your blog or website, there is a greater possibility that people will come and read your content regularly and most likely they will link to your pages. Here you are not paying anyone to get back links. People are linking naturally. So, it is strongly recommended to have a blog.
  2. Participate in public forum or discussion
    This is another great way to build trust and to get back links. When you participate in public forum or discussion and if people get benefited with your post or suggestion, they will appreciate it. And if you may have similar stories in your blog or website you can post your link and since you got trust among people, they will visit your page. If they find it good, they will link to your page. So, here you got 2 possible opportunities. Firstly you have got great content, so your are asking people to visit your website or blog. And secondly they may link to your page as they love your content. This doesn’t mean going through different blog or forum and spamming all over. If you do this, instead of helping it may harm your site.

    If you liked any forum or blog of your interest, just subscribe for future posts. It will reach straight to your inbox and by doing that you will not miss any good article. Importantly you don’t have to put extra effort in going through posts or threads, you can simply decide in your email. If you don’t like it, just ignore it.
    Participating in Facebook group is great way to have your say and any future post would come straight to your wall. So, use these methods to make your life easier.
  3. Have a detailed approach towards new blog post or article
    As we all know when you Google for something, most likely you will get plenty of results. But not all gets same amount of traffic or back links. So, when you post something, have a detailed approach, and when needed, be specific. Detailed approach means reader or subscriber will get to know in depth about the matter but on the other hand you have be specific towards solving a problem. So, research and write something in detail, it will make difference.

    If someone just wanna know how to do a 301 redirection for www vs none www, meaning if an user just wants to know a few lines of code so that they can get their problem solved. On the other side, if someone is searching building Android app for dummies, meaning they are looking for detailed tutorial which can help them.
  4. Be Prompt / Write for something for which there is not enough written already
    If you write on something which is new in the market, most likely it will generate more traffic and more back links.

    When Google introduced to display authorship with name and thumbnail in search results, people started searching for it but initially there wasn’t enough info on this. Even if there was, it didn’t cover in detail. So, writing some post on a new topic in detail is a great way to get more traffic and most likely more people will link to you.
  5. Newsletter is another great method
    If a casual visitor loved your content and signed up for future post, by sending newsletter it will make sure that the important importation reaches straight to the subscriber’s inbox. It results in additional traffic if they continue to enjoy your article and they may link your website.
  6. Social Media
    Think about where people spend most of their time. If they spend hours on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, then target those mediums. Send regular updates and posts on those platforms. It’s great way to engage people. And same rules applies: if they love your posts, they may link to your site.
  7. Video
    This is another fantastic way to get traffic and back link. Not everyone loves reading so if you got something important to share then, creating video is another great way to engage. As people often do, create a video, upload on YouTube and put further reference on their website or blog. People will watch video and they may link to your video or the website.
  8. How to… (Article, Post, Newsletter, Social Media, Video)
    Most of the engaging stuffs on internet is how to. Example: How to do link building, How to change setting in Facebook, etc.
    So, if you got more number of posts on: how to, there will be higher possibility to generate more traffic and back links.
  9. Offer some FREE services
    You will be amazed how people go crazy when they see the word ‘FREE’. Have something valuable which might be worth for users and most likely they will become customers or they may link to your website.

    Just for an example, my website has got: Enter your website and email and get detailed SEO report for FREE. People often try that.
  10. Putting your links on local directory services
    People do get information from local directory. So if you put your link on internet-based local directory, it will be great way to have your links there and also it will increase your customer reach. But don’t go over board putting links everywhere…

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