Google and other Listing Bad Review Removal Process

dealing with bad reviews
Did you get a bad review from your customer or any unknown source? Its worse feeling ever particularly you try hard to protect your brand and service.

Before we talk about ways and means to either remove or protect your brand in this online competitive environment, lets understand the reality. If you provide any product or service to customers and if you got wide range of customers then the reality is you may get odd negative reviews and be prepared to accept if they might look genuine.

General piece of advise would be if you really care about your product and service, provide the best service possible and engage with customer to get feedback and have problem solving approach and which might either help you not getting bad reviews or it will minimise the possibility.

Now, lets talk about if you got negative review what can be done.

Bad review removal process

First thing first every listing provider got different mechanism to deal with bad reviews or abuse.

One thing which is common, if the review is abusive generally it gets removed by the listing provider.

Dealing with abusive reviews

  • If you notice the review is abusive, just flag it as inappropriate and if it will be a real abuse as per the listing provider guidelines, they will remove it.
  • Alternatively, you can report to make it faster.

Dealing with real customer experience

  • This is tough one. And the best way to deal is to communicate with customer and come to a proper resolution and ask customer to remove it.
  • If you can’t reach to the customer then instead of leaving it as it is, reply to the review if there was fault accept and explain you really care about your product and service and happens very rare.

Dealing with spam or potential competitor review

  • This is interesting one, and we do hear from clients explaining, competitor might have written the review.
  • Report this to listing provider explaining you never had that customer with some documentation.
  • Generally listing provider may contact the reviewer and mostly they don’t respond and eventually you get it removed.

Dealing with Google bad reviews

  • This is hardest one.
  • Based on our experience, you literally can’t do much apart from flagging as inappropriate.
  • And if it is not real abuse, its almost certain that it will not get removed.
  • The only option you got is to reply and make your point and your potential customer may understand the situation.
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