Google vs Other Search Engines

We all know how Google dominates the search engine market. So, often when we talk about Google vs other search engines, people seem to ignore others. Simply because others have got very less market share.

But should you be ignoring other search engines? We will answer this in following paragraphs.
Google usually approaches very openly which can be seen clearly in their products and services. For example, Chrome doesn’t have Google search engine as the only option, people can change whatever search engine they like. But this is not the same on other search engines like Bing or Yahoo. And this openness and quality of search has made Google the major player over decades now.

Should you worry about other search engines?
Since Google dominates the search engine market, you shouldn’t worry about other search engiens as direct impact on your products and services but it is worth taking other search engines into consideration.

As we talked above there are may software and application which comes with preconfigured search engines and generally people continue to use them happily. And other search engines also have certain portion of the market, so we can’t ignore them completely.

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