How to do Basic SEO on your own

how to do basic seo
Are you a business owner and would like to do SEO for your website but you are not ready to hire an SEO consultant due to financial or other reasons?

This article should help you to do basic SEO which may return some ranking or it may make it ready for an SEO consultant to take it over when you may be ready.

First thing first, before you can think of optimisation, you should ensure you got well designed website, get your foundation right.

Website design consideration:

  • Website design should reflect the business, a good way to understand this is to check your competitors website.
  • Website should have well placed call to action strategy.
  • If you got an eCommerce website you ensure the checkout process is smooth.
  • Make your pages intuitive by having good amount text, images, videos etc.
  • Mobile friendliness is a ranking factor, ensure its not only mobile friendly but also mobile design is considered at greater level.
  • Blog: Highly recommended to have this. WordPress blog works beautifully.
  • Worth mentioning, run your website on SSL (HTTPS), Google continue to push this heavily.

How to do SEO on your own?

If your website doesn’t have above points considered, then you may not be able to do basic SEO on your own. If above points are hard for you to understand then get help from an SEO consultant.

Assuming your website is set, lets get started with SEO activities.

Understanding your Keywords

Based on our experience, most of the business owners understands their top keywords. If you are unsure, do some research to see what people type in Google to find business like yours. You can use Google Keyword Planner tool. Make a list of top 5 to 15 keywords and save it in a document.

Unique Page Title / Meta Title

Make sure you have unique page heading and meta title. Including your keywords which best matches with your page content. If you don’t know how to change it then you can ask your website design company. You can use Meta Title & Description testing tool to ensure you got correct length etc.

Page Content

Most of the people struggle to write good length content but if you can write then its worth having 400 to 700 words in main┬ápages. When you write or modify content, its very important to understand the page and its target audience. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think what you would type in Google to find this page and include those keywords.


Since you have taken initiative to do basic SEO on your own, you need to allocate time to produce good quality content for your blog. Its worth keeping your blog updated regularly by posting new content. You can write blog on current trending topics, you can also write articles to solve problems. Take this as part of education, meaning you are trying to educate your potential clients about your product and service.

Social Media

Its worth sharing the new blog post or website page you have created. If you get less time to produce new content you can share your old popular posts.

Google Local, G+, YouTube

If you got a local business, it is highly recommended to create Google local listing, G+ and YouTube and link them together. If this is too difficult then get help from SEO expert and some may do this for you as one off task.


It can be very challenging for some and it can be an easy task for others. If you can produce regular or occasional video then you should do this and post the video on your YouTube business channel and share it in your website, blog and social media.

Back links

Important: It can make or break your business. This is the hardest job in search engine optimisation process. We recommend it should be done by experienced professional. When you will be in a situation to hire an SEO company then you can have conversation about back link planning and implementation.



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