How to do Basic SEO on your own

how to do basic seo

It’s better to do basic SEO on your own rather than hiring cheap SEO. In this article, you will learn about how to do basic SEO on your own.

It is important to learn more about good vs bad SEO and the cost of doing SEO in Australia. If hiring an SEO expert may be out of your budget then you may consider doing basic SEO on your own.

First thing first, before you can think of optimisation you must have a well-designed website with good content and mobile optimised.

Website design consideration with SEO:

  • The website should reflect the business, a good way to understand this is to check your competitors’ website.
  • The website should have a well-placed call to action strategy.
  • If you have an eCommerce website you ensure the checkout process is smooth.
  • Make your pages intuitive by having text, images, videos etc.
  • Mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor, ensure its not only mobile friendly but also the mobile design is considered at a greater level.

How to do SEO on your own?

If your website doesn’t have the above points considered, then you may not be able to do basic SEO on your own. If the above points are hard for you to understand then get help from an SEO consultant in Melbourne.

Assuming your website is set, let’s get started with SEO activities.

SEO Ranking Factors

Understanding your Keywords

Based on our experience, most of the business owners understand their top keywords. If you are unsure, do some research to see what people type in Google to find a business like yours. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool. Make a list of top 5 to 15 keywords and save it in a document.

Unique Page Title / Meta Title

Make sure you have a unique page heading and meta title. Including your keywords which best matches with your page content. If you don’t know how to change it then you can ask your website design company. You can use the Meta Title checker tool to ensure you got correct length etc.

Page Content

Most of the people struggle to write good length content but if you can write then its worth having 400 to 700 words in main pages. When you write or modify the content, it’s very important to understand the page and its target audience. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think what you would type in Google to find this page and include those keywords.


Since you have taken the initiative to do basic SEO on your own, you need to allocate time to produce good quality content for your blog. It’s worth keeping your blog updated regularly by posting new content. You can write blogs on current trending topics, you can also write articles to solve problems. Take this as part of education, meaning you are trying to educate your potential clients about your product and service.

Social Media

It’s worth sharing the new blog post or website page you have created. If you get less time to produce new content you can share your old popular posts.

Google Local, YouTube

If you got a local business, it is highly recommended to create Google local listing, G+ and YouTube and link them together. If this is too difficult then get help from SEO experts.


It can be very challenging for some and it can be an easy task for others. If you can produce regular or occasional video then you should do this and post the video on your YouTube business channel and share it on your website, blog and social media.


Important: It can make or break your business. This is the hardest job in the search engine optimisation process. We recommend it should be done by experienced professionals. When you will be in a situation to hire an SEO company then you can have a conversation about backlink planning and implementation.

Why Should You Focus More on Content than on Backlinks?

High-quality content and backlinks are the two most important pillars of SEO marketing. We can’t imagine SEO without these two. Linkbuilding is much harder than building quality content and the content can be optimised as you go along but poor links can hurt your website.

Optimising an eCommerce website is much harder. If you are planning to do Magento SEO then refer to our SEO checklist for Magneto as it explains in a step by step method.

What happens when link building is paid more attention?

Links are essential and important. No doubt about it. When your website has a good number of high-quality links, then search engines like Google think your website is better and rewards it with a higher ranking in search engine result pages.

So, knowing this, you might be hooked into putting most of your efforts on building links from other websites, especially from websites that rank high in PageRank and putting very few efforts in content. But the question you need to ask is: how will other websites link to yours when you don’t have quality content?

And the answer is they won’t. No matter what you do. If your content is of low quality, other websites won’t link to yours. They don’t want their reputation and ranking to lower.

And, what happens when content is focused more?

When you pay most of your attention on the content, at first, your website will have high-quality content. High concentration means you will research a lot, consult to many and constantly work on writing content that will compel users to turn into customers. And your content will also be perfect as per guidelines of search engines.

And, when you have such great content, surely other websites will link to yours. They will because they are searching for great content. Linking to great content is always a beneficial thing to do for any website.

See. Focusing more on content leads to the creation of great content and that leads to natural backlinks coming to your website. Which is a good thing to happen?

So, when you are doing SEO, always focus more on content. But it doesn’t mean very less attention to backlinks.

Why Quality and Unique Content is Good for Users and SEO?

You might have often heard this line. And it is true content really is king. Content, which appears on your website, blog and social profiles, holds the power to build your business. And it also can break your business.

So this brings us to the point that we need to focus a lot on creating content that has quality and is unique.

If you don’t have useful, relevant and unique content, then how are you going to attract users and convert them into your customers? How are you going to rank well in search engine result pages?

In this blog post, we will explain to you in a bit of detail why it is good to have quality and unique content for users and SEO. Sit tight. Let’s go for a ride.

For Users

Users are an invaluable asset to any website, to any business. Because there are users, a business survives and it thrives. So it’s extremely important that you don’t irritate and frustrate them. You might ask how users and content are inter-related.

Here is how. When users visit your website or blog, they interact with it. They read the text present there. If they find it relevant and useful, something which they haven’t read somewhere else, they will like it or better they will love it. Then they are going to respond to your calls to actions, which can be signing-up for the newsletter, downloading of an ebook or an app or calling your business for making a purchase of your services and products.

But if you have useless, irrelevant and stale content, something they might have read in some other place, they are going to hit the back button. There won’t be any response to your calls to actions. There won’t be enough visits.

So what you need to keep in mind is that quality and unique content is necessary because it attracts and retains users and lures them to buy from you.


Search engine optimization makes your website or blog found in search engine result pages. Because of it, you get traffic from search engines. But ranking and receiving traffic doesn’t happen itself. You have to work. There are many factors which search engines consider in ranking a website. Content is one strong factor. Google itself has said: quality content is a key to its rankings. And not only that, all search engines function to find the most relevant content for their users’ search queries. So, good content is essential for your SEO campaign.

Here is how. When you have quality content, users are going to like it. They will stay on your website longer. It means they aren’t going to hit the back button the minute they come to your website. Search engines like Google measure this thing. It’s called “long clicks”. If a user clicks into your website and doesn’t return for a long time to SERP, then the search engine considers it as a sign of good user experience.

And the other thing is backlinks. If your website has some top-notch content, then users like bloggers, content creators/marketers and so on are going to link back. If you have such natural inbound links in a good number, search engines will notice them and measure them. You will be good in their eyes.

Then what happens? You rank well. In the best case, you will be in the top spot.

So it is highly important that your website does have quality and unique content. If you have it, you will run a successful SEO campaign.

The Conclusion

Now you know it. Why your website or blog needs to have quality and unique content for users and SEO. If you have great content, users will be your customers and search engines will like your website and give it a good rank.

Ask yourself questions. Does your website content touch users and convert them? Does it impress bloggers, experts, content marketers?

If your answer is yes, then you are on the safe side. Keep on updating fresh content so that you might not lose customers and be lost deep in search result pages.

But if your answer is no, then you have work to do.

Go now and hire a content writer!

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