How to get higher Facebook Reach?

For past few years, businesses are struggling to even get good 5 -10% reach.

Facebook designed the algorithm in a way that it will show the post to only those who are interested in page post on a regular basis.

Example: Lets say you are a football fan and you follow leading news agency who features football news and if you engage with those posts then most likely you will see their post more often.

On the other side if you liked a page and if you don’t engage then you may not see their post later.

So far its all about engagement.

What top news agencies and businesses are doing to get better reach?

Believe it or not but they are trying to do anything to get higher engagement. Here are some examples:

1. Business Insider
As you may know Business Insider publishes tech and business related stuff. Below post is completely designed for user to click and read.

Business Insider Facebook Post


2. Time Magazine

Time magazine is known for its general news. See below posts, again designed for user to engage.

Time Facebook Post

Time Facebook Page Post

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