What should you do if your SEO Company is not getting results?

seo company not getting resultsWhen you have hired an SEO company, then they should be getting results in appropriate time (SEO Results doesn’t come over night).

As a business owner you should analyse if the required effort is applied on to your site.

You should have regular conversation about the step and strategy the company is taking to improve the ranking. If you feel they are doing all required work then you should allow them time to work and assess after few months.

Important: You also need to think if you are on a better package which allows the company to do all required work.

But if you already been with a company for several months and still there is no change and if you have no idea whats going on then its time to think and take steps.

Reality: Majority of companies are flooded with clients and they do not apply the required time and effort and in the pool of clients you might be lost somewhere.

Meaning if you are not treated fairly then you should take decision and move to a new SEO provider who can provide you personalised service.

Note: SEO is long term strategy and its extremely important to find the right business to work with. If you keep shuffling thinks may go worse than improving. So, work with someone who has record of keeping clients for long term and who has produced quality results for their clients.

Things you should know as a business owner:

  • If you are just asking you got x number of keywords to optimiseĀ then you are inviting trouble. Example: I just need 5 keywords to be optimised to bring up in page one of Google.
    • SEO is not just about optimising few keywords, if you ask them to do in that manner then the company will do whatever it may take to get you in page one and you may get thereĀ for some time and if it is not done in right manner, not your ranking will drop but it will get impacted heavily and it will be hard to recover.
    • Alot of the time they do poor quality back links which just gives quick result and then it gets trapped by Google as poor practice.
  • Think about following before you ask for x number of keywords:
    • You should have a very well build site with proper consideration of navigation and usability.
    • Think about having amazing quality content which people will love.
    • Often great quality content gets linked by other sites which will generate natural links.
    • Verified business listing by Google (Plus / Map) as it creates trust.
    • Think about having blog strategy to publish regular content.
    • Having proper social media planning always complements SEO.
    • Now, if you got all of above then you may not need to talk about x number of keywords, you will have good ranking by now anyway.
  • Meaning SEO is long term strategy and which requires work from different angle.

What you should do if you got basic understanding of above:

  • Find a company who will say they will follow a holistic approach.
  • Do your research or ask your friends.
  • Talk to the person who will do the SEO work for you in the company.
  • If you feel if you got right business to work with then allow then required time to see results.

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