SEO in 2016 – Search Engine Optimisation and Ranking Factors

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process is rapidly changing. Google continue to implement new changes frequently to serve users in best possible manner.

Old SEO approach no longer works to achieve the desired ranking.

In 2016, SEO is all about being creative. There is no shortcuts to SEO, poor Search Engine Optimisation may return quick ranking but definitely it will not sustain.

If you are a business owner and thinking about doing quality SEO then the only way to get sustainable ranking is to be creative in implementing strategies. Talk to your provider about the strategies they may implement in 2016. If you do not understand basics of SEO then try hiring an independent consultant to help you make right decisions.

SEO is time consuming process and when you try and be more creative it may take more time to come up with unique ideas and implement them.

Here are some SEO Ranking Factors in 2016 worth considering:

1. Go Mobile if you are not already

This is widely discussed, if your website is not yet mobile friendly, make sure to get your website re-designed as it is not only a ranking factor but it also helps users greatly. Responsive design is one of the most recommended approach. It is expected that Google mobile traffic may exceed desktop traffic in relatively near future.

2. Link Building

Still this is one of the most powerful ranking factor. It is very challenging to do quality link building. Traditional link building techniques are no longer relevant. This can make the website perform better and if it is not done properly the website can get penalised also. This is where most of the creativity comes into play.


SSL is getting cheaper by the day and even if your website doesn’t require SSL, it is good to have it now. Google is continuing to push for secure online experience and it is worth considering to have your website running using HTTPS. Make sure you follow required guidelines to avoid loosing existing ranking. Learn more about HTTPS as a ranking signal.

4. Website Speed / Quality Website Design

Often SEO experts tends to ignore working on website improvements or website re-design due to various factors. Before one could think of doing SEO, it is extremely important to have a website with great user experience and proper call to action strategies and ensuring website works perfectly on different devices. Make sure to check if your website loads relatively quicker.

5. Think Ahead

It is important to keep up with the peace of technology. Google is pushing Google Now significantly in the market and in future text search will not be the only medium how people would be searching.


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