Static, WordPress, Custom Website – What to Choose?

static vs wordpress vs custom
Before we start explaining what is right, it is very common that website design companies recommends WordPress. Is this right? Probably not.

Another Myth is: WordPress website ranks better.

The main thing is: Understand your needs.

Lets understand case by case:

Case 1: You are a business owner and you just like to have a good website which would rank well and you would ask your web developer to apply any occasional changes if needed.

  • In this case, there is absolutely no need of WordPress or even custom CMS.
  • What client is looking at something would would look better and it can be used easily in Desktop and Mobile.
  • In this situation instead of thinking about WordPress vs other CMS, a website consultant or designer should think of planning and designing better website so that it can rank well.

Case 2: A client seeking to have a website where he will be publishing regular / occasional content and would like to have CMS and importantly it should adapt with latest changes and great control on the website to implement some crazy stuff.

  • In this scenario a WordPress website may do but probably not the best solution.
  • The ideal solution would be to design and implement custom solution which would allow great control on the website to do some crazy stuff easily like:
    • Powerful SEO implementation.
    • AdWords conversion tracking, Re-Marketing.
    • URL management / 301 redirection.
    • Custom page upload based on need.
    • AB testing
    • etc.
  • It is very important to understand the business need before recommending solution blindly.

Case 3: A company needs a good looking website where they will be publishing regular content / blog etc.

  • In this scenario a WordPress website would fit better.
  • As the company will be publishing regular content and WordPress is designed very well to handle this kind of need.

There is a great video and he has explained well:

More to come about positives and negatives of each platform.




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