The Website Checklist: 9 Things Your Website Needs

In case you are wondering what things your website should have, read through this website checklist. Here you will know nine things your website needs.

And after reading, you will know what to add in your website. Add the missing ingredients and your website is set to perform well.

website checklist

The Checklist

1. Simple Web Address: A website should have a simple web address. It should not be a complicated mess of numbers and symbols which are difficult and time-wasting to type in the tab. Make it simple so that it can be remembered easily and typed easily.

2. Secure Hosting Platform: Customer data is valuable asset. It’s your duty to protect them. That is why you should host your website in secure platform where hackers can’t get into and wreck havoc. Doing so also lets your website perform well 24×7 without it crashing down.

3. Contact Information: What happens when possible customers can’t connect with you because either there is no contact information or they have hard time finding it? Horrible and harmful it will be. Make sure visitors can easily find your contact information. Better to include in every web page.

4. Social Media Plugins: These plugins help visitors to connect with business on social media. Social interaction with visitors will help you to earn their loyalty to your brand. Therefore, your website should have social icons of social sites where you have presence. Ensure that these icons are seen easily.

5. Easily-navigable Sitemap: Sitemap helps visitors to go into particular page easily. It helps you to guide them to relevant pages. And it helps search bots to crawl a site easily. Include a sitemap in your website. The best position for it would be the footer.

6. Clear Call-to-Action: Surely you want visitors do something once they get into your website. It can be newsletter signup, app or ebook download or purchase. Whatever you want them to do, for it, have clear call-to-action buttons and pop-ups. Ensure they can take actions easily.

7. Customer Testimonials: Customer testimonials are immensely helpful to convince visitors to take call to action. So include them in your website. There is simple rule for it. Don’t write fake testimonials. You should never undermine your credibility for quick sales.

8. Blog: Many websites don’t have a blog. And many of those who have don’t update it in a regular basis. Blogs are great from SEO point of view and to provide in-detail and interactive content. Have it and maintain it regularly. Once a week or twice is enough.

9. Quality Content: The last number is for the most important thing. Quality content. Engaging, compelling, relevant content. Even if you have done all the eight things right but have content that is as bad as it can be, there won’t be actions from visitors, there won’t be credibility and your website won’t rank well. So, write kickass content.

The Final Words

There you have it. The nine things your website needs to have if it is to perform well (or let’s say out-perform your competitors) and be a value to visitors and an object that can be easily dealt with.

Read them again or print them and paste in your computer wall or desk. Check them one by one. If something is missing, add them.

And if you need help for that or for more things related to web design, call us! We are a web design agency from Melbourne.

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