Google Ranking Suddenly Dropped. Rank On Top Again Now

There could be many reasons why your website may not be ranking or if your ranking may have suddenly dropped. Generally, poor SEO practices lead to a sudden drop in ranking or not ranking at all.

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  1. Why Sudden Ranking Drop
  2. Site Index But Not Ranking

Why My Website Keywords Ranking Dropped Suddenly?

The sudden keywords ranking drop of your website could be something very serious and in some cases, it might be due to change in Google’s algorithm. The best way to recover is to find the exact cause of the issue and ensure to do the “ethical SEO” to gain sustainable ranking.

Why SEO Ranking Dropped Suddenly
Why SEO Ranking Dropped Suddenly

First thing first, do not panic and do random activities, take time to find the exact issue and take appropriate action over time.

Here are things you can do to investigate it.

Page 1 ranking dropped all of a sudden in a competitive niche

If you fall under this category then you may need to do more to recover your ranking.

  • If your website was ranking well for several keywords on page one in a competitive industry then the first thing you should do is to check if your website is penalised by Google. Go to your Google search console and see if there is any warning.
  • Also, check if there is any manual action done by Google. Path: Search Console >> Security & Manual Actions >> Manual Actions
  • Note that if your website may be picked up Google for lighter violation of the policy then you may not have received penalty notification in your Google search console.
Google Search Console Manual Action
Google Search Console Manual Action

What to do if you received Manual Action notice from Google?

You do not want to be in this situation. As recovering from the penalty by Google is not easy.

  • Generally, you get this if you have done something very serious like building poor links which may have fallen under the link scheme.
  • But if you have done something unknowingly like poor link building then you can use Google Disavow tool to let Google know to disregard those links.
  • You can also create a case with Google and tell your story and follow the recommendations to clean your website.

Ranking dropped but no warning or manual action from Google

If your Google search console looks clean and no email from Google and still your rankings have dropped then it may not be that serious and if you take necessary steps then you will be able to recover your ranking.

In this scenario, you should ask 2 important questions to yourself

  1. Have you been doing poor link building practices?
  2. Is your content quality on your website is poor?

You may not have gone overboard but still, the work may have been against the Google guidelines and hence it may have been picked up by Google algorithm.

The best part is you can recover from this but you need to take appropriate actions.

  • Content Improvement: Make a list of poor-quality pages or copied content. You can use to find duplicate content. After that merge average or thin content, pages to create high-quality pages and remove any copied content.
  • Poor link building: You can use Google Search Console links tool or SEMrush toxic link tool and disavow them.

Why Is My Website Not Ranking On Google?

This is a very common question which gets asked by business owners.

“My website is indexed by Google but why is it not ranking?”

Do you know that it can take months of quality SEO effort to rank your website? And If you are in a very competitive niche then it can take even longer to rank your website. Learn more about SEO ranking timeline.

Do the following to improve your Google Ranking:

  1. Make sure you have a quality website which works perfectly on Mobile and other devices.
  2. Use Google website speed test to check your website speed and do the required changes to improve it.
  3. Build high-quality content which is link-worthy.
  4. Implement the quality internal linking strategy.
  5. Seek more natural links and less artificial links.
  6. Create content including infographics, videos and more. Create something which is not already out there.

Once you have good content on your website you can take simple steps to boost the ranking of your pages by doing the following:

  • Include keywords in your meta title.
  • Check your meta description character limit and ensure it is in the right length.
  • If you have an eCommerce SEO need then make sure the website categories are nicely optimised with proper content.
  • Don’t settle with ordinary content, implement infographics SEO strategy to your key pages.
  • Share your pages on social media to boost visibility.

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