What is email automation? Why it’s a must for eCommerce?

Before we define email automation, let’s talk about a general overview of how users interact online to seek information or buy products.

Whether you are selling products or services, you know that users are smart and they seek needed information to decide whether to spend time on your website, engage with your content and eventually commit to the desired action that you would like them to do.

eCommerce has more steps than other standard sites and hence the the journey is not done in a straight visit, you may need to nurture your audience and guide them to reach to desired action with multiple steps.

Email automation plays an important part in the nurturing process.

What is email automation?

Email automation is a powerful digital marketing strategy designed to streamline and personalise communication with your audience. It’s not just about sending bulk emails; rather, it’s a sophisticated approach that delivers the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

In essence, email automation involves setting up predefined workflows or ‘automation sequences.’ These sequences are triggered by specific user actions or predefined schedules. The beauty of email automation lies in its ability to deliver a series of personalised, targeted messages that nurture leads, increase brand engagement, and ultimately drive conversions.

Why email automation is a must for eCommerce businesses?

In the eCommerce business arena, where the ultimate objective is to convert visitors into customers and drive sales, the significance of strategic marketing cannot be overstated. While attracting traffic through organic means or advertising is crucial, the journey doesn’t conclude with a mere visit. For eCommerce businesses, the intricate web of customer journeys demands a sophisticated approach to engagement and conversion.

For eCommerce, where customer journeys are multi-faceted, email automation becomes a must-have tool. It’s the invisible guide that leads your audience through the stages of awareness, consideration, and decision-making. From welcome series to abandoned cart reminders, and personalised promotions, email automation is the backbone of a well-crafted eCommerce marketing strategy.

Navigating multi-faceted customer journeys:

The customer journey in eCommerce is rarely a linear path. Users visit, explore, abandon carts, deliberate, and then, hopefully, make a purchase. The process requires more than just a static website; it requires a dynamic and responsive strategy to guide users seamlessly through each stage of their decision-making process.

Here are some common email automation sequences:

  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned cart sequence
  • Cross-sell
  • Data-driven personalised email sequence
  • Out-of-stock reminder
  • Purchase Anniversary
  • Birthday Special

Visit our eCommerce email automation checklist to learn more.

Top email automation tools

Here are some common email automation tools:

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