AdWords Cost Per Click Too High

How to deal with the increasing cost of AdWords adverting?

How to deal with the increasing cost of AdWords adverting?

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What To Do When AdWords Cost Cost Per Click Too High?

If you are wondering about any of the following questions then you should read this page in detail:

  • Why Google AdWords is so expensive?
  • Is Google Ads still a good advertising platform?
  • Should I invest in Google Ads or SEO?
  • Where to get the right advice on PPC marketing?

What To Do When Google Ads Cost Is Too High?

Google AdWords is one of the most commonly used online advertising platforms. Since Google has an extensive advertising network, it has made it easier for businesses to use Google AdWords to have their advertisements spread over a large network.

But in the years, many small businesses are facing trouble maintaining their financial standing, as they are facing difficulty getting a decent profit. This is because the cost per click (CPC) is increasing by the day as more businesses try to compete and it has pushed the price very high for the various business type.

On the other hand, Google keeps changing their system and recently they are pushing heavily on automatic bidding which can be very effective for some but it can drain the budget for others. For many small businesses advertising on Google Ads may be out of reach. Google still allows manual CPC strategy but it may have limited impact in a competitive industry where others setting auto bid or setting the CPC so high.

Should You Stop Advertising On AdWords?

Google AdWords is one of the most powerful tools for advertising and marketing your firm. Due to its global reach, the tool has cemented itself as one of the best and the most convenient digital advertising mediums. Therefore, the answer to your query on whether you should stop using Google AdWords is - No.

You may need to pay more to get the required conversion when you will compare your cost a few years back. To get a proper return on investment (ROI) can be challenging for some. But running a smart and creative campaign can still help you greatly to earn a profit.

Digital marketing, particularly Google Ads is not set and forget. It is crucial that you track your marketing investment and take appropriate action. If AdWords performance expected then planning for alternate strategies is a must.

How to Reduce High-Cost Per Click in AdWords?

You can do various things when you AdWords CPCs are going out of control. AdWords may not be sustainable when you keep increasing your bids to acquire the top spot. Soon, you will realise the impact and it is important to take important measures to not only make Google Ads affordable but also think digital advertising beyond AdWords.

Solution 1: Continue with Google Ads but focus on Date & Insights

If you run a flat AdWords campaign without monitoring the ROI and applying changes based on digital insights then soon you may be out of business. Are you managing your Ads campaign on your own? Stop running Google Ads campaign by yourself, the sooner you realise the better it will be for you.

If you plan to stick with Google AdWords, then we would suggest you work with a digital agency who takes ROI, Conversion and digital analytics more seriously.

Here are some recommendations to minimise the cost and boost the return:

  1. Review your "Search Term" history and apply obvious negative keywords to minimise unnecessary clicks.
  2. Double-check your target location, demographics and general health check.
  3. Boost your quality score and you may consider to lower your bid to get 2nd or 3rd position but make your Ads compelling.
  4. Ask google Ads expert to do data analysis to come up with digital insights - this is not an easy task but key to keep you in the game.
  5. You should know the amount you pay to get per conversion and converting into business - this is another task which requires expert-level management.

We have reduced cost per conversion by 45% for clients. We believe that Google Ads is still the go-to PPC advertising platform and as we focus heavily on data, we have managed to achieve satisfying ROI for clients. Our Google AdWords Melbourne service is covered with standard digital analytics and insight building and we also provide separate digital analytics services in Melbourne.

If you are new to PPC adverting then use Google Ads cost calculator and allocate the required budget to create a balanced Ads campaign.

Solution 2: Consider SEO as a core marketing strategy

SEO can be very effective in any niche. There are few factors businesses are worried in general about SEO. First, the result is not instant and they are not guaranteed as it is impacted by various factors. It is a long term strategy and results are only visible after several months of starting the campaign.

One of the major trust issues between digital agencies and businesses is that most of the companies do over-promising and less delivery.

Now, let's talk about the positive.

SEO can be the most powerful tool provided it is done well and done with care and passion.

Our founder says “Google Ads can run your business but SEO can sustain your business”.

It is important to be noted that quality SEO is expensive, but you can expect higher returns on your investment if done well, which will affect your business finances in a positive way.

We can help you achieve this goal by making your digital marketing campaign stronger. We would like to see you smile when you realise that your SEO campaign has allowed you to sustain your business in a more cost-effective way. Whether you are in the need of SEO company Geelong, Melbourne or Australia wide service, we are here to help you.

Solution 3: Consider other cheap advertising

It is important to know that Google Ads is not the only platform to get leads and sales. You can cut some budget from your Google AdWords and invest on other channels like Affiliate marketing or other companies providing leads on a fixed cost basis.

Facebook Ads is also quickly rising up the ranks to become one of the biggest competitors of Google AdWords because of the reach and usage of Facebook.

You can discuss with our Google Ads expert consultant to help you plan your paid marketing budget planning.

Solution 4: Build your brand and online reputation

If your brand will be popular in the community you may have loyal customers and you may need less advertising cost. Many people read reviews online before getting a service or buying a product.

It is paramount that you maintain a good online reputation in order to boost the effectiveness of your ads.
Chat with our online reputation management experts to understand its importance and plan your business reputation.

Solution 5: We call - What Else or Out of the Box Ideas

Marketing, in general, is a very creative industry and digital marketing is no different. If you build a habit of what else can you do for your business marketing or thinking out of the box ideas for your business may keep you ahead against your competition.

This is a very challenging, creative and time-consuming to keep thinking about “What Else”. Meaning what else can you do more to implement new strategies or boost existing.

We can be the perfect fit if you are searching for out of the box ideas for Google AdWords Adelaide services.

We at webapex heavily on research and development and we share creative ideas with our customers and also educate them about this approach to bring team effort of thinking to enhance the experience.


Why Google AdWords is so expensive?

It is crazy expensive in some industry mainly because the competition is way too high. But if you do a wise investment and focus on smart advertising then you can still be the winner.

Should I invest on SEO instead of Ads?

In most scenarios, it is advised that you need to have a good balance of paid advertising as well as organic presence. If your PPC cost has is going high or gone out of reach then you must consider SEO with priority and keeping a good balance of Ads.

How to allocate digital marketing budget wisely?

You should work with a digital trusted advisor to discuss your business goal and allocate the budget to get the best return. Talk to us if you need help.