Why is it important to measure Ads performance?

If you can't measure your spend then you have no business.

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Why should you measure your Ads campaign?

In general, it is essential to measure any marketing campaign to ensure it returns with a positive ROI. Whether you are a small or big business it is critical that you have a measurement in place. Opinion based campaign is not healthy for the business.

Running Ads with no measurement

Running Ads with no measurement

If you can't measure your ads performance then you can say you have no proper business as you may go in loss and the business may get closed.

It is very common for small businesses not to measure their ad spend due to various reasons. One of the most common reason is they feel anyone can run their ads to get leads and sustain the business. Very soon it becomes they learn the reality that it's essential that ads should run by professionals.

In simple words: ads with no measurement leads to disaster.

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Stay with data, not with opinion

Opinion-based marketing is not good for the business as well as the service provider. If you are a local business need a paid ads service, for example, Google AdWords Adelaide and if you are not combining your ads service with conversion tracking, performance monitoring & ROI most likely your business will go in loss or may not the best profit.

Stay with data not with opinion

Running an opinion based marketing may ruin the relationship between the client and the service provider as they have no common ground to take as a base to boost the campaign performance.

Ads are not set and forget

Many clients believe set the campaign and it will run by itself, which it will but they don't realise the rouble may be coming next.

Here are some reasons ads are not set and forget:

  • Your competition is not idle if they are boosting their bids, position & performance so should you.
  • The amount you might be throwing for unnecessary clicks can be invested for digital analytics and monitoring which will add value in the long run.
  • New changes are always coming from Google Ads or other paid advertising and you must review and take necessary action.

Hire a trusted local Google Ads consultant in Melbourne and discuss the measurement plan.

Get some level of automation

With strategic PPC advertising, some low-cost campaign a be designed to run in a fully automated style which will help in branding and also to generate leads and sales. Again this is not set and forget, strategically allocating some budget towards automation.

Advertise confidently

There is no better feeling for the business as well as for the agency to advertise with confidence knowing its adding value with a positive ROI.

This can also lead to more work for the agency and business can prosper which will open the door for more business opportunities.

Stop if ROI not achieved with a good run

Unlike opinion based marketing, running an ROI driven campaign means it can also help to take hard decision if needed. The ultimate objective of a business is to earn profit but if the data may suggest running a paid advertising may not be the best solution then it can be discussed and seek for alternate opportunities like SEO or other advertising like affiliate.

On the other side, it's not good for agencies either as sooner or later the business loss will take its call. On the other side being an agency if we educate and discuss with client prior may help business relationship intact and it may lead to other services like SEO advertising in Melbourne.

Take the learning to SEO and vice versa

There is no limit to digital analytics creativity, based on the learning from paid advertising, the learning can be taken to the SEO side to build a powerful SEO campaign.

For example, most of the how-to queries from the search can be addressed using blog posts with problem-solving content to generate quality traffic.

Agencies can build a strong partnership with facts

If the business does not agree to run ads with measurement then the agency will mostly rely on the information provided by the business owner about the impact and this is not the best way or running a paid campaign.

There are only some business owners who share their positive and negative experience with agencies as it is.

If the performance is measured then reporting becomes easier and both parties can discuss with confidence which will lead to a much better relationship in the future.

It is important for the agency to explain the importance of performance measurement to the client.

We provide standard measurement as part of Google Ads management cost in Australia so your basic is covered. We also provide high-level digital analytics services at an additional price.