eCommerce Product Description Examples [Get Inspired 2024]

Have you ever debated whether it’s worth spending 100s of hours and money on making product descriptions for your store?

A great product page can help you increase eCommerce sales. Product description is the last touchpoint before the customer gets to ‘Add to Cart’ and if there isn’t sufficient information, the sale is as good as lost.

The Description and UI Design are two major components of an eCommerce product page.

Both complement each other, and a highly compelling product description may go unnoticed with poor design, similarly, the best possible product page design without an appropriate description may not add great value either.

Additionally, your product won’t show in search engines if the content is not SEO-optimised and in case the product page design is not right, the customers may drop out as they lack trust in you.

Importantly, a higher advertising spend may not give you the best return on investment (ROI) without it.

Don’t worry, the world is full of many innovative brands and you can always learn from others, we’ll shortly look at eCommerce product description examples that sell.

Table of contents:

  1. What is a product description?
  2. Why do you need a product description?
  3. How to create the best eCommerce product detail page?
    1. Writing compelling product descriptions
    2. Create the best UI experience
  4. eCommerce Product Description Examples

What is a product description?

Product description is the content that describes the qualities, attributes and benchmarks for the product that you are selling.

In eCommerce, the product description is found on the product detail page, the last page before the cart page.

Here are some common items included in eCommerce product description:

  • About the Product: A paragraph or bullet points describing the product. An element of storytelling can be added to branding.
  • Features: Usually a bulleted list of features describing the products. It is a must when it comes to consumer electronics.
  • Available Offers: A section to communicate product-specific offers if running. It also helps to upsell the products.
  • Size Charts: A must for clothing brands and even mandated in some countries to be displayed.
  • Ingredients: Brands need to help consumers make an informative choice by displaying the list of ingredients.
  • How to Use: A good-to-have section highlighting product usage is often found in the consumer electronics and cosmetics industry.

Why do you need a product description?

While eCommerce category optimisation is the foundation for a high-performing online store from an SEO point of view, if you don’t have a quality product description & detail page, your potential buyers will struggle to convert.

Writing compelling product descriptions for a range of products is a daunting task and it consumes a lot of time, money and energy. So why do you need to make this investment?

  • Informed Decision Making: Customers’ decision-making in eCommerce is based on the information available online. The last touchpoint is the product details page (PDP) and if it lacks information, drop-outs are inevitable.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Search engines crawl your eCommerce store and rank them according to relevancy, discoverability and popularity towards user search queries. Content that is relevant to your audience and is well-written can bring you warm leads from unpaid searches.
  • Strengthens Brand Voice: A well-written product description indicates professionalism, invokes brand identity and ultimately strengthens brand voice. If you are running Ads to increase sales or leads for custom items, adding a description of your brand can strengthen brand identity if your landing pages are your product detail page.

How to create the best eCommerce product detail page?

A good product page has two main elements, the product description and the product detail page design. While creating the product detail page, you should test on Desktop and Mobile to ensure the display is as intended.

Writing compelling product descriptions

If you are wondering how to write the best eCommerce product description, pay attention to the details below to include all the necessary ingredients and produce the writing piece that your user will love to read and help them finalise the purchase.

Writing a great product description follows method and creativity. You can write an engaging, informative product description by following the five steps:

  1. Know Your Audience: Understanding the persona of your audience can help you tailor the tone of the description and also determine how many sections you’ll need. If you are new to the industry having a review section can boost your credibility, if your audience is mature, having a minimalist description layout helps to focus on important details, if your audience is young, writing content with slang helps.
  2. Show-off Your Product: Gather all the possible information you can from your suppliers about your products and create sections to show features, how-to-use guides, ingredient lists, etc. For the clothing industry having a size guide is a must, for the electronics industry a features list and how-to-use guide come in handy. Similarly for skincare brands, having a before and after guide is super helpful.
  3. Get Creative: Use storytelling and get creative with writing the product descriptions. Sometimes the product details page is the first and last page customers visit (when you get targeted traffic directly to your product page). Make the page interesting by creatively incorporating the elements of branding and brand voice on the page.
  4. Get Technical: Remember one of the main objectives is to increase increase organic traffic by including necessary keywords about the product, and creating a piece that covers the main keywords and satisfies the search intent.
  5. Final Formatting: Popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, and eBay have bulk product uploading capabilities that let you upload products in bulk with appropriate descriptions. Ensure you adhere to the template format and the content is readable by your audience.

You can take inspiration from multiple eCommerce product description examples we’ll discuss shortly.

Create the best UI experience

As mentioned at the start, a nicely written product description may go unnoticed if it is not supported by quality design. Let’s learn how to create the best product detail page.

You can consider the following points while designing the best product detail page.

  • Create the best UI experience: A good user interface reinforces the idea that you take your business seriously. It helps a buyer to navigate easily, get all the information in the right place and support your product descriptions.
  • Write Compelling Product Descriptions: Product descriptions carry the weight of both SEO and information in itself. It is critical for your buyer’s decision-making.  A product detail page design is incomplete without the proper inclusion of a description.
  • Quality Image Carousel: A high-quality image carousel to highlight the look of your product. All best eCommerce product description examples are incomplete without a quality visual aid.
  • SEO Optimised Product Titles: An SEO-optimised product title and description to provide all the information necessary for decision-making.
  • Variant Buttons: Most products have variants such as colours, and sizes that need to be added so that the buyers can choose the best variant.
  • Add to Cart Button: A call to action is one of the key elements of the product detail page. Making the button sticky is recommended so the buyer doesn’t have to scroll too much.
  • Shipping & Return Information: Highlighting information on shipping and returns reduces post-purchase emails and calls from buyers who have no idea when the product is coming or if there’s any return policy. Reduce the query volume by adding this key information to all product detail pages.
  • Reviews: We humans are social and require trust markers like reviews to validate the product. In case you are starting, you can pick key testimonials to build trust with your audience. Consider building a review feature in your product page, highly recommended for high-ticket items.
  • Related Products: A carousel with associated products is recommended to increase the size of your cart. The buyers are likely to buy or discover more products from this carousel and make the final purchase.

eCommerce Product Description Examples

1. Bose

Bose is known for delivering their promise. In the screengrab, everything a buyer would need to make the buying decision is in the first fold. The description is minimal and straightforward for the decision-making.


Source: Bose

The USP sections at the bottom combine visual icons and minimal texts to highlight the uniqueness of the product. The USPs like

  • 90-day risk-free trial
  • Plays up to 24 hours*
  • Breakthrough Bose immersive voice

You can take inspiration from Bose and add USPs in product descriptions for a sleek and minimal product description that sells.

On the design side, it’s beautiful and crisp with elements like:

  • High-quality images displayed with interactive view
  • Bold headlines with prominent price display
  • Properly placed colour selection, Buy Now button and special offer.

This product page template example can be added to your store for a no-brainer-optimised design.

2. Apple

Apple is the leading eCommerce consumer electronics store worldwide. It markets its premium products online with as much focus on design and well-crafted description.

Apple Watch

Source: Apple

In the image, the product description is unique as it:

  • Compares the different variants and models along with available colours
  • This comparison chart adds value to the product description and the buyer in making an informed choice
  • High-quality visual displays
  • The entire image carousel changes with the variant selection

If you have multiple products in the same category employing these charts can reduce decision fatigue for your buyers.

apple watch description

On the design side, it has added premium and quirky elements to highlight its features:

  • In the image, the product design changes entirely to show how your watch will look during the day(first image) and at night (second image)
  • Elements that change and move with text, highlighting one aspect at a time
  • Multiple use of clever examples like the one shown to enhance the user experience

3. Allbirds

Allbirds is a niche sustainable footwear brand selling everyday shoes.


Source: Allbirds

In the image, their product description is impactful with all the details like:

  • Tree Runner Highlights or Product USPs
  • Product Details
  • Sustainability
  • Care Guide
  • Shipping & Returns

For a niche brand answering all the questions is important. Allbirds uses descriptions to build trust with the buyer.

If you are a niche brand, adding sections like Care and Sustainability can boost the decision-making for your buyer.

4. Ikea

Ikea has done a great job with its product page design.


Source: Ikea

The page has:

  • A short description that aptly describes the product with all details.
  • The sections on getting your product, by
    • Delivery
    • Click and Collect
    • In-store purchase

This helps the buyer to collect all the information needed for buying decisions in the first product fold.

If a buyer needs detailed information they can refer to the next fold of the page. This is one of the best eCommerce product description examples.

On the design side, the main image is nicely placed with thumbnails showing dimensions and it may look inside home.

5. Catch is an Australian online marketplace with a multitude of products to choose from. The brand is renowned for keeping a huge product inventory. The product design layout plays a major role in deciding to shop.



The product page design is made for quick decision-making. The following characteristics sets it apart:

  • “X Currently viewing” to promote FOMO and make quick buying decisions
  • Estimated delivery dates for Standard and Express delivery
  • Buying options from different sellers with price
  • Reviews on the end of the page for final trust markers

The layout from a buyer’s perspective provides information in three folds of the page-

  • First Fold- Focuses only on product and delivery
  • Second-Fold focuses on upselling and buying option
  • Third-Fold focuses on social proof via Reviews

6. H&M

H&M is a fast fashion brand marketing trendsetting clothing for years.


Source: H&M

In the image, the product description covers elements like:

  • Fit, Length of the arm, Size, Model’s Size & description and Style
  • This covers everything one needs to understand about the product
  • One can choose the right size for themselves by comparing it with the model
  • It is holistic and provides all the necessary information to determine the size

This is one of the best eCommerce product description examples and if you produce niche clothing, it can be super helpful to buyers.

7. Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban is one of the pioneer brands to make aviators.


Source: Ray-Ban

From a buyer’s product description, they have added

  •  In the image, we are looking at the 3-D view of their product. This helps one to visualise the product exactly as it’ll look in your hands
  • This provides a real-life view of the product and helps one to evaluate the colour and the entire look of the product.
  • In another feature on their store- ‘Try Lenses’, they’re using technology to show the tint of the lenses on the view. You can check the After and Before below:

RayBan Description

One can take inspiration from Ray-Ban if looks are the appeal of buying the product. This is one of the innovative eCommerce product description examples that goes beyond words.

8. California Design Den

California Design Den is disrupting the hospitality and textile industry by marketing high-quality affordable textiles for your rooms. The brand’s product page is a great example of the product page design and description.

California Design Den

Source: California Design Den

Their innovative product page design highlights:

  • Buttons for all the possible variants of the product on a single page.
  • Three tiered variants for Type, Size and Colour combine 1224 product combinations
  • If one chooses the type, all possible size and colour options pop up making it an ideal guide for all variants

The entire UI is interactive and provides a good foundation for product discovery. This renders the product page more readable and converts well compared to others.

9. Adidas

Adidas is an athleisure brand renowned for sustainable and innovative materials in their merchandise.


Source: Addidas

In the product page layout, the entire flow is seamless, if you look at the elements in detail:

  • The product description is sticky when one scrolls through the image carousel, detailed descriptions and reviews
  • The image carousel has huge HD displays for optimal viewing of the product
  • The section is followed by: Reviews, Descriptions and Details
  • The section also has a ‘complete the look’ module promoting the upselling of the products

Addidas Product Description

When we look at the product description, the elements include:

  • A complete Size chart to choose the right size
  • Buttons for selecting the right size
  • Reviews with rating to let one know how other buyers are liking the product
  • Running offers on the product for maximum discount redemption

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