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Find out level of SEO you may need for your business.

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What level SEO do I need?

It's very important to understand the level of SEO you may need. Agencies may charge differently but before you reach to cost, it's very important to understand the amount of SEO you need for your business.

Here are few factors which may determine the amount of SEO you may need:

  • Level of competition in your industry
  • Level of ranking you may need
  • How quickly you need those rankings
  • Quality and level of SEO done in the past

We categorise SEO into 4 different levels:

  • Standard Level
  • Mid Level
  • Top Level
  • Custom Level

How much does SEO cost per month in Melbourne?

Once you will understand the level of SEO you may need, it's not hard to understand the cost. The simple rule is lower the level, less work will be put in and hence the cost will be less.

Just to get a rough understanding SEO may cost few hundred dollars to 2K+ per month for SMEs in Melbourne depending on work level agreement. Lower SEO package may not return for a long time in mid or high-level competition environment as the effort may not be adequate considering the level of competition.

Why is SEO Expensive?

Some people think SEO requires few hours of work every month and hence the cost should be less. Right SEO takes way too much effort in planning & implementation. Just planning can take hours and days before any implementation can be done.

Why should you be prepared to pay high?

This is a no-brainer. Higher the package, more time it takes and hence cost goes higher. Therefore if you choose a higher plan, be prepared to pay high.

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Understanding SEO Packages & Price

Standard Package:
This package is suitable for those who has got less competition and may require one implementation per month and monitoring few times.

Mid Level Package:
This package is suitable for those who has got limited competition and may require significant strategy building & few implementations per month.

Top Level Package:
This package is suitable for high competition industry where regular strategy building and monitoring may be required.

Custom Level Package:
In this package dedicated resources are needed and suitable for high competition industry where they would like to dominate the industry with ranking in limited time.

Without analysing the business need, it's very hard to quote the cost but general rough understanding is anything higher than standard package requires serious monthly fee.

- Generally, SEO can be slightly expensive for small businesses but it's worth spending for future.
- For those businesses which generate million+ in revenue every year, don't expect SEO could be done for few hundred dollars per month.