SEO Cost in Australia

The average SEO cost in Australia ranges anywhere from $750 to $2,000+ per month. SEO pricing is determined by the level of SEO you may need based on the competition and other factors. Typically, the higher the competition you may have, the more you need to pay to get the quality SEO done.

Understanding SEO cost in Australia

SEO Cost Calculator


SEO Price Chart

The following SEO price chart should give you an idea about the rough monthly SEO pricing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

  • Standard Level - $750 to $1,000
  • Mid Level: $1,250 to $1,750
  • Top Level: $1,800 to $2,500
  • Custom SEO: $3,000+
  • Avg. Hourly Rate: $85 to $160

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Average SEO Cost in Australia

SEO Packages Explained

Standard Package: This package is suitable for those who have got less competition and may require very limited work per month and monitoring a few times.

Mid Level Package: This package is suitable for those who have a decent competition and may require significant strategy building & a few implementations per month.

SEO Package and Competition?

Top Level Package: This package is suitable for high competition industry where regular strategy building and monitoring may be required.

Custom Level Package: In this package, more resources are allocated to understand the requirement, scope of the work and implementation strategies. More regular meetings are conducted with clients to understand their competition, update on the progress and assess the progress in a more frequent manner.

You can use SEO Cost Calculator tool to find out the level of SEO you may need and a rough guide on cost to get SEO done.

How much does SEO cost n Australia?

The average SEO price in Australia for small businesses is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $3,000+ per month.

The cost is determined about the level of SEO effort which will be needed to optimise your website to rank on top in the organic search result of Google.

If you are in a highly competitive niche then you may expect a higher monthly SEO fee to implement SEO activities on a regular basis and monitor the performance.

Monthly SEO Cost in Australia

Note: SEO for a higher competition industry website can be done for lower the package also but it will take much longer to rank.

We have a reliable SEO team in Melbourne and we provide cost-effective long term SEO strategy with digital insights.

If you would like to understand more about SEO Cost in Melbourne then we can arrange a face-to-face meeting, considering we are a local SEO company in Melbourne and we will guide you step by step. Talk to us for a 3 hours SEO education session. On the other hand, if you are wondering about SEO cost in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide then we provide first free consultation over the phone and we also travel to respective places depending on the situation.

average SEO price in Australia?

Every business needs are different and hence the cost varies too. Generally, we recommend if you can afford the average price then you will be in a good position to get SEO journey started for your business.

Please note that the cost to do eCommerce SEO in Melbourne may be a bit higher than the general business website as eCommerce has many components which need more work to optimise.

Using SEO Cost Calculator Tool

Above SEO cost calculator tool will give you a rough understanding of the level of SEO you may need for your website.

Please fill the form with best of your knowledge and you will get an estimate about the SEO package you may need to get your website optimised.

You may also be interested to learn about AdWords management cost in Australia if you plan to run ads to get a quick result.

Why is SEO so expensive?

There are many reasons as to why one may think of SEO is expensive. Since there is no immediate return so businesses generally find hard to pay the cost but they forger the long term return.

Firstly the return is not immediate and it may take 3 to 6 months to see a considerable difference in ranking and if you may be in a competitive niche then it may take even longer.

Secondly, there are many agencies in Melbourne who provides SEO services but not many have the desired knowledge and willings to put hard work to rank a website. It's very common to hear poor experience by businesses.

Is SEO right for your business need?

Yes – If you see the value and if you have the patience and the budget to get quality SEO.

No – If you expect an immediate return. You may consider Google Ads if you need result faster.

SEO is vital and most of the businesses know the importance of ranking higher. But a vast majority do not understand the effort it requires to rank well.

How much does SEO cost in Australia?

On the other side, many businesses have a poor experience with agencies in Australia as they may have spent a lot but didn’t get the return they were expecting and it’s very hard for them to trust. And we are here to minimise the gap with very transparent planning, execution and ranking strategies.

I don’t have SEO budge, what should I do?

Before you think of getting optimisation done, get your web design done properly, learn about website design cost in Australia and ensure your site is designed with best practice.

If you do not have an SEO budget then you may consider to wait for some time and save some fund towards SEO expenses. In the meantime, you may consider doing a basic content building SEO by yourself. We provide first free consultation over the phone, do not hesitate to talk to us.

The Average monthly SEO cost in Australia depends on various factors like the competition in your industry, the level of SEO you may need for your website and the effort required to build quality content on the website.

Quality SEO vs Cheap SEO

As we are talking about average SEO cost in Australia, it is worth talking about quality SEO vs cheap SEO.

Have you spoke to an SEO agency in Australia and received “too good to be true” promises? Example: Guaranteed ranking in a few months at a very low cost. If anyone talks to you about guaranteed ranking then stay away. It is very hard to guarantee SEO ranking as there are so many factors involved.

We say it’s better not to SEO instead of doing cheap or poor SEO as you may end up paying much higher to clean-up the bad SEO work and sometimes it’s very hard to recover.

On the other hand, quality SEO comes with proper consultation, setting a realistic goal based on the budget and then creating a strong plan of action and very transparent work and analytics reporting.

Do due diligence check, talk to SEO companies in Australia and choose the best suitable for your business.

Say ‘No’ to Guaranteed SEO

Let’s say you may have got the best SEO done for your website at the right price and it’s ranking well. There is no guarantee that the ranking the position will be the same in the future and this is a simple analogy to say no ‘Guaranteed’ SEO.

Generally, when quality SEO is done and when a website ranks well, we can expect it will not drop too much suddenly and need to continue to work hard to maintain the position.

Now, when someone offers guarantee SEO for a cheap price then it is obvious mostly you will not get what may have been promised. Even if they may try to get you the desired ranking, most likely the approach may not be as per the best practice of Google and you may be risking your website to be penalised.

Are you draining too much money on SEO and no result yet?

If you are in this situation then you need to think and make a decision quickly.

If you are in contact with a digital agency and have been paying for a good SEO package for a long time and still no result then you should think about your situation.

On the other hand, if you may be in a very competitive industry and you are happy about the work which may have been carried out then you can wait for more time to see if you may get the desired ranking. It is also important to check if you maybe already ranking for your secondary keywords which should give you some clarity if the SEO is being done correctly.


Over the years we have got several questions from our clients related to SEO cost, ranking and return. We have listed the most common questions below:

What is the average SEO price in Australia?

The average SEO price in Australia ranges from $750 to $3,000+ per month. See the full price range and calculate your SEO package to get an estimate.

Is SEO cost-effective for small businesses?

Yes. SEO is not only cost-effective but the return so so great that once you see the value in SEO then you will think twice about running your paid ad campaigns.

Is SEO a waste of money for SMEs?

No. Some businesses may have a poor experience with their SEO service provider and they may think its a waste of money. The key to SEO success is proper planning and being patient and continue to work hard even when you may have limited to no ranking.

Is SEO completely free?

Google or other search engines do not change for websites to rank in the organic search result. But to build a powerful SEO campaign, you need to hire an SEO consultant and its not free.

How much should a small business spend on SEO per month?

There is no limit as to how much you could spend on SEO. The best option is to analyse your competition and know the level of SEO you may need for your business by using our SEO cost calculator tool and get an estimate and from there you can get an exact quote from us to understand better and we also help to forecast once we work with a client for a long time.

SEO Package and Cost Australia

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