Google AdWords Cost Australia

Average small businesses in Australia spends $5,000 to $15,000 per month to run their Google Ads campaign. And the average cost per click for is $7 to $30 per click. Google AdWords cost in Australia depends on your monthly budget for Ads campaign plus the management fee you will pay to the agency to manage your Ads.

Google AdWords Cost Australia

AdWords Cost Calculator

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Google Ads Cost Calculator

The Google AdWords cost calculator tool is designed to give you a rough idea about the monthly cost you may need to pay to Google to run the campaign based on your needs.

You can use different combinations while using the Google PPC budget calculator to get an overall idea to plan your budget.

AdWords Cost Estimator Tool

Using the AdWords cost esitmator you can plan your monthly budget to run effective campaign. If you are new to Google Ads then just get in touch with us and we will guide you in the right direction.

AdWords Management Fee in Australia

Google Ads Management monthly price chart:

  • Basic campaign: $750 per month
  • Business campaign: $1250 - $1500 per month
  • Custom management: $1750 - $2500+ per month

AdWords Management Cost Australia

The fee to manage Google Ads depends on the level of campaign building, optimisation and reporting.

Note: At the start, campaign setup cost also applies which is generally equal to a month fee.

Google Ads Offer

Google Ads Management Cost

In the SME sector, Google AdWords management cost in Australia ranges from $750 to $2,000+ per month. You may expect to pay higher if your Google Ads spend may be higher. The price is impacted by campaign planning, creation, reporting and more.

The monthly management fee can increase significantly if you would require a high-level data analysis to take the campaign to the next level.

General campaign building vs high-quality campaign planning

If you are just starting with a small budget then your management fee can be lower as you may not need top-level planning with market & competition research.

On the other hand, if you have a good marketing budget and need an ROI-driven Google Ads campaign powered by digital analytics and market research then the cost can increase significantly.

The cost to manage Google Ads in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or in other cities in Australia is the same.

If your company needs AdWords estimation or forecast then contact our Google Ads Melbourne team to set the right budget for your Ads campaign. We also provide AdWords in Geelong and other small cities in Victoria.

How much Google Ads Cost Australia?

Get your monthly Google Ads cost estimate using AdWords cost calculator tool. Just enter some basic information to get your monthly estimate.

You have full control to set your monthly budget and you can increase or decrease based on your ads performance. Generally, if your cost per click (CPC) will be high then you will need to have a higher budget to get a decent number of clicks and conversions per day.

If you would like to understand more about Google Ads cost in Australia then you need to know how Google Ads works which is explained below.

Google Ads allows you the flexibility to run your campaign with whatever little amount you think to get started. Also, as you get more confidence with conversion, return and ROI, you can invest heavily to create industry dominance.

Google Ads Cost in Australia

You can start with a few hundred dollars a month to going as high as you may like. The beauty of Google Ads is that you decide the cost (bid, budget) and run when you would like to run.

AdWords Cost

If you would like to know your competition's ads spend then visit our blog about how to find competitors Google Ads budget page. 

Understanding Google Ads Auction

Google AdWords is designed using auction consideration, meaning each time a search is made, if your keyword will trigger with your specified cost then the bid will compete against your competition.

To determine the ad position, Google considers the bid amount and the quality score.

Google also allows you to set auto-bid and the system will bid for you based on your daily budget to fulfil your marketing objectives.

Trying Google Ads with a small investment

If you would like to try Google AdWords by investing a minimum daily to get some clicks then there is no problem but the minimum spend may not give you the optimum result but you will get some idea and you may see a greater possibility.

Google generally has an offer for new businesses to spend $150 and get $150 credit to their Google Ads account.

Running Serious Google Ads Campaign

If you are serious about getting results then Google AdWords is definitely one of the best marketing tools to use and results can be expected in a shorter span of time.

Generally building a powerful campaign may take a week depending on the budget and complexity of the campaign.

We highly recommend you to use our Google AdWords service in Melbourne to help you set up a very powerful campaign with a higher consideration of conversion and ROI.

How to calculate the average CPC for keywords related to your business?

It is very easy to understand the factors which determine the AdWords cost.

  • CPC: Google charges only when someone clicks on the Ad in Google search result or ads on the Google display network. Google allows you to control your cost per click and Google also has a keyword planner tool to find out about the average cost per click for your niche.
  • The number of clicks: Once you will know your cost per click then you can set up the daily budget based on the number of clicks you would like to acquire on a daily basis.

Google Ads Keyword Research Tool

How to calculate daily / monthly Google Ads Cost in Australia?

Once you know your average CPC (Cost per click) and then the number of clicks you would like to acquire per day then it is very easy to calculate your daily budget.

For example: let's say the average CPC is: $5 and you would like to get 20 clicks per day then your daily cost will be: $5 x 20 = $100.

Once you will know your daily budget then you can easily calculate your monthly AdWords spend. Just multiply your daily spend by 30.4 and you will get the monthly AdWords budget. Google considers 30.4 days in a month.

So, in this situation, your monthly budget will be $100 x 30.4 = $3,040.

Note: Google may use more than the allocated daily budget in some situations but it doesn't exceed the monthly spend. Meaning if Google may see more opportunities on a particular day then your ad will be shown more often which will return as a higher than allocated daily spend and when there will be fewer searches done then it may not use the full daily allocated budget, meaning the system tries to create a balance.

How to get a top position in Google search Ads?

If you would like to achieve a top position in Google search ads then you need to consider the following:

  • Maintain a healthy bid, keeping close to top page bid high rage is recommended.
  • Boost the quality score:
    • Make your ads creative and attractive which will encourage users to click.
    • Take measures to boost your click-through rate.
    • Make your website pages relevant to your keywords.
  • Do competition analysis to get an idea of competition ad position, bid etc and take action to stay ahead.

Is Google AdWords Worth for businesses?

Google Ads is one of the most commonly used and powerful platforms in the world for businesses to advertise online.

If you have never used Google Ads for your business then you should definitely try as it has greater potential.

If you are a decent business size then it is worth getting in touch with a Google AdWords consultant in Melbourne and get your budget and ROI planned which will give you a greater understanding of the tool and set realistic expectations.

The possibilities are endless provided you set up correctly.

Is it possible to get a positive ROI using Google Ads?

Yes. Proper campaign planning and execution can return a positive ROI with your Google Ads spend.

In a dense competition, your budget can drain very quickly your competition may also be competing very hard to achieve a higher ad position with higher or automated bid and if you are in this kind of space then the planning becomes even more critical.

We use data intelligently to cut down non-performing keywords and ads and focus on the right keywords and campaigns to achieve a positive ROI.

It is also important to note that we don't just use Google search but we also use Google display network and re-marketing to keep the cost down and maintain greater presence and boost ROI.

Contact us today for ROI-powered Google AdWords in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and other cities of Australia.

Is it possible to advertise on Google Ads at a lower cost?

Yes. You can advertise cheaply using Google AdWords but you may not get the full exposure. Google offers AdWords Express for those who do not want to hire experts and still use the basic feature and keep the Google Ads cost down.

If you are in a budget constraint and wondering about Google Ads cost for your business then talk to us and we can do some planning for you to get started.

How to boost conversion and minimise cost?

If your monthly AdWords cost is high and wondering to cut down the cost and maintain the conversion then your campaign needs to be assessed properly to find the issues where you might not be getting the right return for the ad spend and we take various measures to pause those ad groups which do not perform and boost the budget of high performing campaigns.

One of the best ways to keep the cost down and still maintain a great conversion rate is by using different advertising options offered by Google. Not many small businesses in Australia use Google Ads to their full potential.

We are a Google Partner and are known for implementing best practices to keep the cost down and continue to focus on getting higher conversion.


Should invest on SEO instead of Ads?

It entirely depends on your long and short term marketing objectives. SEO is a long-term strategy whereas you can expect an instant result from your Google Ads campaign. Use the SEO cost estimator to know the price you may need to pay to get quality organic strategy.

How to find average cost per click?

You can use Google Keywords Planner tool where you can set the location like entering your city Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and then enter your keywords and the system will show you an estimated top page bid low and high rage.

Is it possible to know my competition Ads budget?

No. But Google has some tools designed to know how your campaigns are performing against your competition and it should give you some sense if you need to increase, decrease or apply changes to your campaign

What if my competition will click on my ads?

Google has a smart system to pick invalid clicks, meaning if someone will try to abuse the system then Google doesn't count those clicks and you will not pay for it. It is important to note that, the system is not 100% efficient so in some situations, the system doesn't pick up invalid clicks efficiently.

Is Google AdWords Free?

No. You will be charged for clicks made by the users. Google does not charge in advance, it sets up a payment threshold and billing cycle. You will be charged when you will reach the threshold or the billing cycle.

Can I advertise on Gumtree using Google AdWords?

Yes. Gumtree shows Google search as a display select and also it hows display ads like showing your graphic ads.

Is Facebook Ads better than Google Ads?

There is no right answer, you need to see the possibility and choose the right platform. You may like to talk to a digital marketing consultant to discuss your options.