Google Ads disapproved destination not working – #1 Fix

It’s not a good feeling when you get a message from Google saying your Google Ads disapproved destination not working. To get your ads approved faster, follow the steps below.

Dealing with Google may be time-consuming as they have a multi-level support system and to get it resolved fast it’s best if you stay ahead to understand the problem and apply necessary changes (it may be needed) and then let Google know to review and get this fixed with speed.

Google Ads Disapproved Destination Not Working
Google Ads Disapproved Destination Not Working

Google Ads disapproved destination not working: It means the URL that you have entered into the Google Ads system may have some issues, this may have happened due to a manual error while entering the URL, or any recent changes on the website including website migration or upgrade.

  1. Is your destination URL working (404 Error)?
  2. Check the server response code
  3. Check for multiple redirects
  4. Dynamic tracking URLs
  5. Website migration issues
  6. All looks good – Still, ads disapproved

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Check for 404 page not found error

You may have a situation where your pages might not be working and hence your ads may have been disapproved.

If you are in this situation then fixing your website should do the job.

Once your website is up and running again, just let Google support know to review and enable your ads.

404 Page Not Found
404 Page Not Found

Alternatively, after fixing your website, you may apply minor changes to your ads which will go for a general review and should get published sooner rather than later.

Check the server response code to be 200 OK

You can use or any other tool to check the HTTP response code of your page.

If you get 200 then it’s all good from this side.

http server response code

The HTTP 200 OK success status response code indicates that the request has succeeded. Learn more about 200 OK HTTP status code.

Check for Multiple Redirects

Too many redirects may cause poor user experience and delay in load time and it could be the possible reason for Google disapproving your Ads.

Use to find out if you may have multiple redirect issues on your page.

SEO Redirect Chain
Redirect Chain

Multiple redirects are also considered as bad from an SEO point of view. It’s always good to address chain redirects if you may have any.

Dynamic URL parameter

Check if your URL can handle dynamic tracking URLs

If you may have enabled Auto-tagging in Google Ads then Google will pass the GCLID along with the URL.


You can turn on / off auto-tagging by going to Google Ads >> Settings >>Account Settings

google ads auto tagging

Now, if your website can’t handle URL parameters then it may cause an issue with the Google Ads system.

If you have this issue then contact your website developer.

Website migration issues

If you have done a recent site and then you started to face the issue then you might need to look at the above-mentioned possible reasons.

Often with the best migration planning, few things can go wrong which may result in disapproval of your ads.

If you will check and validate the above-mentioned issues then you should be fine in most cases.

All looks good – Still, ads disapproved

Now, you may come to a situation where all tests will pass but your ads are still disapproved. The worst part is you may not get the right answer from Google about the reasons for the disapproval.

When your destination URL is working but you still get your Google Ads disapproved

This is a bit strange as you can load your page fine but Google thinks some issues with the destination URL. It can happen to a WordPress site as well as on other platforms.

Enable Auto-Tagging in Google Ads

In some tests, we found that enabling the Auto-Tagging did the tick and Ads got approved.

Apply changes to your Ads

Just apply minor changes to your Ads and let the system review them again.

You may also try and create a new set of Ads and see if they will get approved.

Conclusion: Sometimes Google is not very specific and hence you have to try different things to make it work.

Need help?

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