How to Use Hashtag? Things You Should Know about Hashtag

What is a hashtag (#)?

How to use HashTagA word or group of words that start with the symbol # is call hashtag. Example:

  • #SEO
  • #SearchEngineOptimisation
  • #webapex

Twitter implemented hashtag to categorise information. And it became very popular among Twitter users. And later Facebook and Google Plus also implemented it.

Real Example:

We are an SEO Company based in Melbourne, and we specialise in #SEO, #WebDesign and #AdWords. So, while sharing our posts on social media we use our main services as hashtags.

Happy hashtagging!

Please note that #hashtag and anchor hash URL is different. Learn more about hash URL Google indexing.

Benefits of Hashtags

Hashtags, those clickable links whose word or group of words begins with hash/pound (#), have been in use for a few years. Initially used and popularized by Twitter, now you can use hashtags on other social media sites. They include Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.

You might be wondering why people are so crazy about them that they use hashtags in their every tweet and post. Sometimes even using lots of hashtags in single tweet and post.

It’s because using hashtags have benefits. Not only for people but also for businesses.

Let’s check those benefits one by one.

#JoinTheConversation: You know hashtags are clickable links. When clicking upon, they will take you to list of tweets and posts related to topics in hashtags. When you click on #WorldCup2014, you will be taken to the conversation happening around this mega sporting event and you can join the talk. Find hashtags related to your business or niche and join the conversation happening. Add your own opinions and attract attention to your business, product or service. If your opinions are real, unique and problem-solving, then you can establish a stand or authority for your business. You have to dish out great, credible opinions time and again.

#OrganiseContent: Using hashtags organises all related content in one place. If people are talking about SEO using the hashtag #SEO, then when you click on it, you will see tweets and posts related to SEO in one place. And, when you organise an event or contest, then you can invent new hashtag and ask people to talk or submit using that hashtag. Doing so lets you see all those tweets and posts about your event and contest in one place. That’s a proper organisation.

#HelpInContentDiscovery: You know hashtags will take you to conversation happening around a certain topic. You will see opinions about topics discussed. Scrolling through that conversation, surely you might discover great content or you might find inspiration/information for your next blog post. You can promote your content through hashtags. And chances are there someone will discover it.

 #GainExposure: When you tweet or update a post, surely your followers/fans will see it. But when you use relevant, trending hashtags, your content will be seen by people who don’t follow you. This is one way to gain exposure for your business, product or service. And to gain wide exposure, the trick is to use hashtags that are related to your business and to use trending hashtags. Irrelevant and obscure and too general hashtags won’t bring exposure your business needs. And sometimes things go viral and attain enormous exposure. Thanks to hashtags.


What should you use as a hashtag?

The hashtag should be trending topics, generic words or phrases related to the topic. Usually unrelated topics are considered as spam.

How many hashtags should be used in a post?

The standard practice is to use up to two hashtags per post. If your post contains too many hashtags, your fans will consider that as spam and often they will unlike or unfollow you.

Where should we use hashtags?

There is no restriction. So you can use hashtags at the start, in the middle or at the end.

How many words should be in the hashtag?

Shorter hashtags are readable and recommended. A hashtag may contain more than one word, but it should not contain too many words.

How to use multiple words in a hashtag?

It does not contain space. And to make it readable make the first character of each word as upper case. Example: #HelloWorld


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