Why your Google Ads campaign should be run by an expert?

Have you ever struggled with your Google Ads campaign?

Guess what, setting up a Google Ads campaign is easy, but optimising it for increasing conversions and ROI can be difficult. That’s where an expert comes in.

A Google Ads expert can help with planning your overall goals before starting the campaign, utilise your budget to get the maximum ROI, as well as keep track of your CPC and other metrics to get the most out of your campaigns.

For PPC advertising, it’s important to consult a professional to get the best results for your campaigns.

Let’s look more into why your Google Ads campaign should be run by an expert to get more bang for your buck!

Running Google Ads on your own

It’s easy to get started as Google advertises. You can set it up in minutes. However, achieving quality results is an entirely different story. Without expert guidance, you might find yourself lost in a sea of ineffective keywords and poor ad placements.

If you’re trying to run Google Ads on your own, here are some key considerations for advertisers with a decent budget:

  • Conduct thorough keyword research
  • Must be able to set the right budget and calculate the return
  • Learn from daily, weekly, and monthly data and make changes accordingly
  • Choosing the right bid strategy
  • Ensuring your ads reach the right audience segment
  • Digital marketing is a very creative task and it’s not set and forget the process

Running a Google Ads campaign is a creative and complex process, so it’s better to consult a Google Ads expert to help with your campaigns so you can focus on the rest.

Why you should hire a Google Ads expert?

Get quality planning before starting the campaign

A Google Ads expert can help you with planning your campaigns based on your needs. An expert dives deep into understanding your business, KPIs, competition, and expected outcomes. This sets the stage for a successful campaign.

To run a successful campaign, you need:

  • Keyword research skills, understanding primary vs secondary keywords
  • Understanding the business process and mapping with the right campaigns, Ad Groups and Ads
  • You also need to set up conversion tracking
  • You may also need some technical skills to set up tagging etc

An expert knows each of these aspects and can use their expertise in optimising each one of them, which you may never do if you are doing it on your own

Build campaigns tailored to your needs

Every business is different, and so are your ad campaigns. It can be quite difficult to produce campaigns tailored to different requirements of your business, which can leave other areas of your business out.

An expert can help design, produce, and implement campaigns that fit your specific needs, ensuring that each ad campaign is different from others.

Utilising your budget to get maximum ROI

Your budget must be used to get the maximum ROI. You don’t want to waste your money on digital marketing and see no results. That can be quite painful for your company to reach the right audience.

There are several problems associated with utilising your budget to get the maximum ROI:

  • Ineffective Keyword Selection
  • Poor Campaign Structure
  • Lack of Checks and Balances
  • Inadequate Data Analysis and Actionable Insights

A certified Google Ads expert can solve all these problems by conducting thorough keyword research using advanced tools and techniques to identify high-performing keywords for your business. They will also organise ad groups by themes, products, or services to ensure relevance and improve Quality Scores.

An expert establishes checks and balances through regular audits and performance reviews. They set up automated rules and alerts to monitor budget spend, ad performance, and conversions.

Using this information, they make informed decisions to optimise ads, adjust bids, and refine targeting. This continuous optimisation process ensures that every dollar spent contributes to achieving maximum ROI.

Know your cost per conversion

Many small businesses don’t know their cost per conversion to lead, sales or both. This is critical, you must know your cost per conversion to run a successful campaign. You can find out only when it is set up correctly and optimised to reduce the cost per conversion.

An expert can help with setting up conversion tracking.

Trusted advisor – Consulting & guidance

Every business should have a trusted advisor to help plan digital assets & intellectual property. They offer valuable insights and help plan your digital strategy beyond just ads, ensuring your overall digital presence is everywhere.

They also provide continuous optimisation and adaptation of your campaigns to keep up with market trends and changes. Additionally, they offer problem-solving and troubleshooting expertise, promptly addressing any issues that arise. Their forward-looking advice helps you anticipate and prepare for future opportunities.

The last thing you want is for your campaigns to fail when the trend changes, which an expert can overcome.

Google Partner

This one’s pretty straightforward: you need to have a partner to ensure everything is optimised according to Google’s standards, and what better way than to consult a Google partner?

Certified Google Partners bring an added layer of trust and expertise. Their certification assures you of their capabilities and knowledge, which is crucial for running effective campaigns.

They have access to exclusive training, tools, and support from Google, enabling them to stay updated with the latest features and best practices. Moreover, Google Partners are held to high standards of performance and customer care, providing you with a reliable and professional service.

We are a Google Partner agency and our expert can help you with your Google Adwords campaign in  Melbourne, and across Australia.


Focus on what you do best and let the experts handle your Google Ads.

Managing a Google Ads campaign can seem simple, but it’s not as easy as you think. In addition to research, you need to acquire the basic navigation skills and tools to help your campaign achieve its target. It’s a time-consuming process and it’s better if you focus on your business rather than some technical stuff. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures your campaigns are in capable hands.

So, stop wasting your time and take the help of a certified Google Adwords consultant.

Stay ahead in ever-changing dynamics

Did you know that Google Ads introduces new features and updates multiple times a year?

Digital marketing is fast-paced, and Google Ads is no exception. By working with an expert, you stay ahead of changes and get timely advice to adapt your strategies.

For instance, experts can quickly implement new ad formats or leverage updated targeting options to maximise your campaign performance. This not only improves your ad performance but also keeps your business ahead of competitors who may not be as quick to adapt.

Ready to stay ahead in digital marketing? Contact our Google Ads experts today and let us guide you through the changes.

A better way to advertise

What if there’s a better way to advertise than just relying on Google Ads?

There are many other alternatives other than Google Ads, such as:

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Youtube Ads
  • And more

You can only know more about these channels by working with an expert. They can not only help with Google Adwords but also help you with other channels like Facebook Ads, Email Automation, and SEO, ensuring you get the best results from all your marketing efforts. You can only know about these options if you work with a qualified Google Ads expert.

Cost vs Return – Working with Google Ads expert

If you are a serious business, then you must know that the cost of hiring an expert will increase with the multifold revenue they generate for your business. Consider it more as an investment rather than just a simple business expense.

We offer three different packages based on your business size and requirements:

Wondering how much does your Google Ads campaign cost? Check out our Google Ads Cost calculator to get an estimate of your budget requirements.

Work with webapex

At webapex, we bring years of expertise and a deep understanding of Google Ads to help you achieve your marketing goals. Our team is dedicated to maximising your ROI and ensuring your campaigns run smoothly.

Ready to take your Google Ads campaigns to the next level? Contact Us today and see the difference a professional touch can make!


Why should I hire a Google Ads expert?

Hiring an expert ensures your campaigns are optimised, saving you time and money while increasing your ROI.

How do I know my ads are effective?

An expert tracks and analyses your campaigns, providing insights into performance and areas for improvement.

What makes Google Partners different?

Google Partners are certified by Google, which means they have proven expertise and up-to-date knowledge of Google Ads.

Can I run Google Ads on my own?

Yes, but without expert guidance, you may not achieve the best results. An expert brings strategic planning and continuous optimisation.

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