How to improve Ad Strength in Google Ads?

When you create and manage your Google Ads campaign, one of the optimisation elements is boosting the ad strengths in Google Ads.

Ad Strength Optimisation in Google Ads


Note: A high ad strength is not the defining factor of success but maintaining a healthy ad strength is the indication of setting the foundation right. You can expect a better outcome from Google Ads provided you have also taken other necessary steps.

A higher ad strength also helps you to achieve a better Google Ads campaign optimisation score.

Ad Strength in Google Ads

Let’s talk in detail about ways to improve your ads and gain a higher ad strengths score.

Table of contents:

  1. Include keywords in the headlines
  2. Include multiple headlines
  3. Write unique description
  4. Utilise Google Ads suggestions
  5. Think beyond keywords
  6. Aim for a Good or Excellent score
  7. Boost Ad Strengths your way – Important

Include keywords in the headlines

One of the important considerations that needs to be implemented is the inclusion of keywords in ads and descriptions.

You will struggle to get a higher ad optimisation score if fail to include your main keywords in your headlines. It makes the ads more relevant with the keywords and it may have a higher chance of getting shown in the Google search result.

Search intent

When a user searches for specific keywords and if you have included those keywords in your ad group and ad headlines then it most likely satisfies the search intent of users which will have a higher possibility of getting more clicks and sales.

If you would like to improve your Google Ads conversion mastering the search intent and addressing them in the headlines is critical.

Keywords stuffing

While it is important to include relevant keywords in your headlines and avoid repeating similar keywords or keyword stuffing, it will not help users, Google Ads or the ad strength.

Quality score

Keywords and ad relevance also help to boost the quality score in Google Ads. One of the quality score calculation factors is, how closely your ad matches the user’s search intent.

Generic Keyword List
Generic Keyword List

This is one of the fundamental building blocks of optimising Google Ads.

Include multiple headlines

Don’t settle with just the minimum required 3 headlines, add multiple headlines so that Google Ads can mix and match for the best outcome possible.

It is an art to write the best Google Ads headlines that connect to the target audience, it’s not about just filling the boxes. Each headline should have its purpose & intent.

Tips for adding multiple headlines

  • Include your main keywords first
  • Include any offers or discounts
  • Add social proofs in your headlines
  • Include your business name

More diverse headlines will help you to achieve a higher ad strength.Google Ads Headlines

One of the reasons Google introduced responsive search ads is to allow different headlines so that the machine learning algorithm of Google Ads can do a better job of matching the search intent to get you the best outcome possible.

Write unique description

Improving the ad strength is not just about working on improving the headlines, you also have to optimise your descriptions.

The description field allows you to include more words and you can take the opportunity to include any keywords or offers that may have been difficult to include in the headline due to character limitations.

Avoid duplicate descriptions, and use the description fields to write unique descriptions covering various aspects of products or services you offer.

While writing your description avoid access capitalisation, it may get disapproved. Presnet in a normal reading text.

Utilise Google Ads suggestions

As mentioned above, writing a Google ad is a creative job and when you run out of ideas then you can get help from Google Ads suggestions.

Once Google Ads learns about your ad, keywords and landing page then it may suggest you improve your headlines or description which you can utilise.

Some suggestions may be right on target whereas others may be more generic, you can pick and choose and modify them to suit your needs.

Think beyond keywords

While it is vital to have keywords in your headlines and description to improve ad strengths. You shouldn’t be just thinking only about keywords while optimising the ad strength.

Google Ads expects you to have a more diverse headline and description.

Once you are done with your keywords then think about your offers, unique selling points, soical proofs etc. Include them all in your ads to make them more attractive.

Aim for a Good or Excellent score

Aim to create your ads with a good or excellent score. This is an indication that your ads are well-optimised for relevant keywords and search intent.

By maintaining a higher optimisation score, you can focus more on another aspect of Google Ads optimisation to achieve a better performance.

You don’t have to always get excellent scores, in some situations, you may struggle to reach a good score. Example: If you may target your competition keywords that you can not include in ad text then a bit lower score may be OK.

Boost Ad Strengths your way – Important

Remember, it’s not just about getting a high ad strength score, the best ads are created not only by achieving a higher ad strength score but also by including all your selling points.

Here are some key points you should consider:

  • Include Call To Action: Without a strong call to action, your ads will be incomplete. Make sure you have clear CTAs in your headline to persuade users to click on your ads.
  • Highlight Offers: If you have special promotions, discounts, or incentives then feature them prominently in your ads and description.
  • Social Proof: Social proof works like magic, if you have strong social proof like tonnes of reviews or testimonials then make them available on your landing page and talk about them in your ads.

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