How to boost leads & sales with Google Ads [Conversion & Revenue]

Increasing leads or sales may be your main goal when investing in Google AdWords. How to raise or enhance the conversion rate is the question.

To increase Google Ads conversion rate, a number of factors must be taken into account. These factors include creating high-quality campaigns, making sure that the campaign optimisation score is high, having higher ad strengths, creating captivating headlines, choosing the right keywords, and creating an incredible landing page experience.

How to boost Google Ads leads and sales?

In this post, you will learn in detail about actions that you could take to boost your Google Ads performance.

Table of contents:

  1. Build a high-quality Google Ads campaign
  2. Right keywords selection
  3. Boost ad strengths
  4. Optimise for a higher campaign optimisation score
  5. Write compelling headlines
  6. Optimise to get high CTR
  7. Amazing landing page experience

Build a high-quality Google Ads campaign

Building a top-quality Google Ads campaign is crucial to raising conversion rates and efficiently generating leads and sales. Extensive competition research is essential to achieving this. Examine your competitors’ ads, language tone, and offers to obtain insightful knowledge and spot areas where you can improve to go bigger and better.

Then concentrate on creating a well-optimised campaign. Create Ad Groups based on similar themes each targeting a specific segment. The process allows you to keep specific category ad groups in one place.

Make sure your campaign has a healthy budget that supports your aims and objectives.

Ensure you have conversion tracking installed correctly and working, it is crucial for your campaign optimisation and performance. Google Ads is all about data and if Google can’t collect necessary conversion data then it will not perform as intended.

Right keywords selection

A key to optimising Google Ads conversion rates and efficiently generating leads and sales is keyword selection.

Start by carrying out in-depth keyword research to find pertinent terms that correspond with the search intent of your target audience and your business offerings. Choose keywords with strong commercial intent, which indicates that people are actively looking to make a purchase or complete a certain action, and that are extremely relevant to your goods or services.

When choosing keywords, don’t forget to take your campaign’s monthly budget into account. If you have a sufficient budget then you can choose a more diverse range of keywords but if you have a limited budget then you need to be highly selective and avoid too generic keywords that may consume your budget and may return limited only.

Implementing a set of negative keyword strategies is also necessary to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign. By preventing your ads from showing up for unnecessary search queries, negative keywords help you save money and increase overall performance. Examine search term data frequently to find irrelevant keywords that are consuming your advertising budget. Then, add those keywords to your list of negative keywords.

Boost ad strengths

Like other factors, increasing the strength of your ads is essential to improving your Google advertising conversion rate and generating more leads and sales.

Your advertising effort is incomplete without creating proper ads.

Ad Strength in Google Ads

The first step in boosting ad strengths is to include relevant keywords in the ad headlines and descriptions that satisfy the search intent. Your ads will be stronger and more likely to resonate with your target audience if you include relevant keywords in your headlines and descriptions.

You should also consider including your unique selling propositions, offers and brand name in the headlines to make your ads more compelling..

Optimise for a higher campaign optimisation score

Working on a campaign optimisation score should be high on your list if you intend to increase the conversion rate of your Google Ads to generate more leads or sales.

Many people run ads in set-and-forget mode which is not the best practice, you should check your campaign health regularly.

Google Ads Campaign Optimisation Score

A higher Google campaign optimisation score is the reflection of your account is set up correctly and optimised well. This is not the guarantee for success but it is a good foundation to set.

The campaign optimisation score considers various things like

  • Keywords match type
  • Ad strengths
  • Conversion tracking
  • The budget
  • etc

The job is made easier by Google Ads as you can find the Recommendations tab where you will see action items and their related scores. The data is available after the campaign has run for a few days and collected enough data to suggest recommendations.

Take necessary action to increase the campaign optimisation score to achieve greater success using Google Ads.

Write compelling headlines

Your ad headlines are the one that makes the first impression when a user searches on Google. This can make or break your business. A nicely crafted ad with compelling headlines can get you more clicks whereas flat headlines may not make a strong impression and hence it may not perform that well.

Planning to get a higher conversion rate has various steps involved as explained before but this is one of the most important steps because this is what appears prominently to users when they search.

While writing Google Ads headlines, you can consider the following:

  • Include main keywords in your headlines
  • Write multiple headlines
  • Include your offer or promotion if you have
  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Give minimum value without commitment if possible
  • Include social proof
  • Share data & statistics if you have
  • Learn from your competition & market research

One of the best considerations you can make is to think as a user and try to solve their problem by creating ads that will resonate with your audience. Visit the detailed guide on writing Google ads headlines perfectly.

Optimise to get high CTR

This is another important step in Google Ads. If you want to get more leads and sales from Google Ads then working to improve click-through rate (CTR) is an important consideration among other key optimisation tasks.

A higher CTR is an indication of establishing a good connection with your audience and that potentially can lead to a higher number of conversions in Google Ads.

Here are some techniques you can use to get higher CTR in Google Ads:

  • Aim for a higher position in Google Ads
  • Write compelling headlines
  • Include a deal or offer
  • Establish trust with social proof in your ad headline

Amazing landing page experience

The previously mentioned tips are essential for increasing your Google Ads conversion rate, but to make a difference and get the most out of your campaigns, you must give your landing page optimisation top priority to provide a first-quality user experience.

While creating effective ad copy to draw in high-quality traffic is important, the conversion journey also needs to flow naturally to a landing page that is optimised and drives users to perform the necessary actions.

Here are some techniques you can use to enhance the landing page experience:

  • Mobile first: Your website/landing must be designed with the highest consideration of mobile as a majority of people access the internet and if your landing page experience is not optimised well for mobile you struggle to get the required conversions.
  • Speed & load time: Make sure your page loads relatively fast to keep the user engaged.
  • Feature offer prominently: It’s time to walk the talk, what you displayed in the ad should also be present on the landing page with real experience and make sure it is easy to use.
  • Trust & social signal: Display trust with quality reviews, and secure user experience and they should feel safe to do the desired transaction.

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