How to get more sales using Facebook Ads?

To boost sales and leads through Facebook Ads, you have to consider various things like building quality campaigns, understanding the customer journey and optimising your website with better user experience.

The process is complex but once it is implemented correctly, we can expect much better results.

Table of contents:

Target the right audience

This is the core foundation of Facebook Ads, setting the right target audience means, the Facebook Algorithm can match your ads with the relevant target audience to achieve the best outcome possible.

You can set the right audience based on interest and demographics.

Build Facebook funnel

Unlike Google Ads, Facebook Ads are not search-intent-driven, you need to guide users through the journey to help users achieve the desired objective.

Building a well-crafted Facebook funnel is important, this introduces your brand to potential customers, creating an initial touchpoint.

As prospects progress through the funnel, deliver targeted ads that highlight the unique value propositions of your products or services. These could include special promotions, product showcases, or compelling narratives to fuel interest.

Make sure you have a seamless landing page experience to avoid drops in conversions.

Invest in building quality creatives

Facebook is mostly a visual platform and to achieve greater success, you should try and create compelling image ads and video ads to leave a strong impression.

You have a fraction of sections to make an impression while users are scrolling on Facebook and Instagram. It is crowded, and having visually appealing creative will help you achieve to capture their attention.

While it might seem like an additional cost, the impact of investing in quality creatives can’t be overstated. Don’t just settle with stock photos and videos.

Small businesses often intend to advertise affordably where possible. If you are serious about advertising on Facebook to get a substantial return then invest in quality creative.

Write compelling ad text to boost CTR

It’s the message that hooks the people to stop scrolling on Facebook to show interest and click on the ad.

Crafting compelling ad text is the foundation along with strong visual ads to build high-quality ads.

The ad copy should be written to address users’ needs and paint points to leave a strong impression. Utilise persuasive language that prompts users to take action, whether it’s making a purchase, form submission, or exploring more about your offerings.

You can write a few variations of ad text and run them parallelly and see which performs the best.

Allocate a healthy daily budget

Generally, speaking you will struggle to get conversions with a limited budget. You need to have a decent budget for the Facebook Ads algorithm to find and match the prospects to show your ads who may convert.

A healthy budget allows you to display your ads to the right audience with higher frequency to leave a strong impression. If one ad doesn’t connect then the other versions of the ad may connect.

The Facebook learning phase takes time and hence it needs a decent budget to complete its learning process to perform the best. A healthy budget speeds up the learning process to achieve the desired results.

Optimise website or landing page

It is not only about ads, optimising the landing page is equially important to get more leads and sales from Facebook Ads.

Regardless of how well-crafted your campaign is, if your destination isn’t user-friendly then you will struggle to get conversations.

Implement persuasive elements such as compelling product descriptions, clear calls to action, and social proofs. The goal should be to create a seamless experience from the first impression of seeing ads and clicking on them to go to the website or landing page.

Analyse data & build insights

Data should be your friend when it comes to making decisions.

You can’t build the perfect campaign & ads in one go, you need to analyse the performance.

Data-driven decisions are the foundation of a successful Facebook Ads campaign. By continuously analysing metrics and building actionable insights, you can optimise your ads for better performance, ensuring that every dollar spent contributes to the overall objective of driving more sales.

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