How to remove negative reviews online or push down? #1 guide

As a business owner, you’d find it challenging to respond to negative reviews. Indeed, it’s crucial to take specific steps; otherwise, it’d impact your online reputation. Negative reviews online will impact your potential buyer’s purchase decision.

How to manage negative review online?

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How does a negative review impact business?

Online reviews are crucial these days for almost all businesses. It impacts the purchase decisions of potential buyers.

A greater number of customers are hesitant to buy from businesses that have received poor reputation. As per Dixa, 79% of the customers pay attention to online reviews.

While good reviews can help the business performance greatly, negative reviews can make the business suffer badly.

Reviews have a long-term impact on the business and hence you should have a very clear plan for online reputation management.

You risk losing consumers every time a poor review appears on Google searches. Negative reviews hurt your website’s traffic and revenue.

How to respond to negative reviews professionally?

If you get a negative review which is a true customer experience then try to appreciate their comments, apologise if you can and do all possible things to improve and leave a positive note.

It is important to note that if you have a decent number of good reviews and a few bad ones then it may not impact your business but don’t forget to reply to those negative reviews if you couldn’t get them removed.

Your reply to that negative review will leave a positive impact on other users.

Take communications offline

The internet could be harsh at times, and there’s a possibility that it could create misunderstanding.

If you can talk to your customer offline via phone or face-to-face then discuss the issue and offer some kind of value to compensate and your customer may agree to remove the negative review in return.

Make appropriate compensation

If you couldn’t offer a quality product or service which lead to a negative review then offering some kind of compensation may make the customer happy and in return, the customer may remove the negative review.

How to remove negative reviews online?

You might have witnessed that negative reviews create a reputation issue. Indeed, it would be best if you handled all those negative comments swiftly and sensibly. When more customers go through your online profile and look at those negative comments, their chances of doing business with you decrease.

Here are some steps you can take to remove negative reviews online:

Contact customer if true business experience to get rid of negative reviews

Contact the customer and offer relevant compensation & negotiate and request to get the negative review removed online.

Don’t be desperate, deal in a professional manner, mistake happens in life. Generally, the customer should understand your situation.

Report fake reviews

If you believe a review is fake, improper, or supports a rival, you can report it to Google or the platform where the review was written so that it can be removed. Only reviews that break terms of service have the chance to get it removed.

Flag abusive reviews

Generally, most reviews platform online have policies to tackle abusive or hate speech, flag it first and then get in touch with the provider to get it removed.

You have the option of reporting or flagging the review. If the review is abusive/against, the team will undertake an investigation and take appropriate action.

Get help from experts

Negative Review & the Impact

We deal with various clients occasionally and engage with the review provider to get them removed. If you are looking for the best negative review removal Melbourne company then call us today!

How to remove negative reviews from Google My Business?

One can’t deny how challenging it is to remove negative reviews from Google My Business. Reviews from such a platform could indeed either make or break your business. If the statement does not follow Google guidelines, then you can report the comment and get it removed.

Also, you can get any spam or fake content reviews removed, including posting similar comments multiple times. It is possible to take up help from Google’s support to report it.

How do you push down negative reviews in Google search results?

If your business is suffering because of negative reviews and comments online then you can take the necessary steps either to get them removed or push them down with positive content on search engines.

The SEO process is time-consuming and there is no guarantee. It’s best to get help from an SEO consultant who can guide you in the right direction.

Here are some steps you can take to push negative content down in the search result.

Identify all negative pages on search result

Make a list of pages which has negative reviews, message or comment. This will be the base for you to plan your SEO effort to push those content down.

Build similar but positive content

You can start creating powerful positive content and do the SEO to rank those content and slowly you will start to notice the negative content will get pushed down.

Do it in a positive way

Remember building content and doing SEO to push down negative reviews & content is a time-consuming and expensive process and hence your entire effort should be planned to build and promote positive content. This means, your effort shouldn’t be just to push those content but also to improve your service so that you will solve this problem in the most natural way.

How to manage fake reviews online?

Fake reviews are sometimes intolerable, and it impacts your business badly. Also, you do not have to tolerate such comments; it’s best to solve the problems professionally.

Report it

If you notice the review may be fake then try and report it. The unfortunate reality is that even fake reviews are harder to remove. But you should do everything possible to act against it.

Flag fake review

If you are sure about the review being fake then you can comment on that review in a professional manner and clearly indicate that it’s being reported and action may be taken.

How do I remove negative articles from the internet?

Suppose you’re the subject of a damaging news article that eventually takes up your reputation; then, it’s best to get it removed.

You can directly contact the online publisher and request the removal. It is better to act professionally whenever you’re dealing with such things.

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