Cheap SEO in Australia – Worth it?

Cheap SEO is not the best way to do search engine optimisation, it can only lead to troubles.

There is so much confusion around SEO packages, especially about low-cost search engine optimisation services. In this guide, you will learn in detail about cheap SEO services.

What is cheap SEO?

Buying search engine optimisation (SEO) at a below-standard rate is considered cheap SEO. Cheap SEO is offered as a hook to gain clients. Don’t be surprised when you get Guaranteed SEO attached with a cheap SEO offer, it is not worth the time or money.


  • Standard SEO packages are anywhere from $1250 to $2K+ per month
  • When you get SEO for less than $500 per month, it can be considered cheap. You can do a simple calculation, there can’t be any decent contribution at this price.

Invest wisely, get quality SEO don’t fall into the trap of cheap or guaranteed SEO and learn more about SEO packages in Australia.

Is cheap SEO worth it?

No. Cheap SEO is not worth it in Australia or even if you outsource your SEO marketing overseas.

One of the most significant drawbacks of cheap SEO is the lack of accountability. Many agencies offering low-cost SEO services tend to cut corners, compromising the quality and ethicality of their strategies.

They often lack experience, they may use risky strategies knowingly or unknowingly.

The worst part of cheap SEO is, it often includes poor link-building practices that may lead to a ranking drop. Link building is one of the most expensive exercises in SEO, the process is very intense and hence it’s not cheap. Learn more about link-building costs in Australia and never fall into the trap of cheap SEO or backlink services, the cleaning process is painful.

Disadvantages of hiring cheap SEO

  • Risky SEO Practices: As mentioned above, many low-cost SEO companies choose risky and unethical practices. These may include spammy link-building, poor content planning and other black-hat techniques.
  • Risk of SEO Penalties: The shortcuts to gain or manipulate SEO ranking is history now. It simply doesn’t work. Don’t be surprised if you get hit by Google with poor SEO practices. Penalties can result in a sudden drop in rankings, reduced visibility, or even removal from search results altogether.
  • Poor Content Quality: Content is king in the SEO world. Cheap services may produce low-quality content that lacks value and relevance.
  • Poor Link Building: As discussed above, cheap SEO providers often implement a very template style of work, it goes the same with the building too.
  • You May Lose Ranking: So far if your SEO was cleaning and you were ranking decent then with cheap SEO, you may lose ranking instead of gaining traffic.

Need help?

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