Guaranteed SEO Services – Good, Bad or Scam?

What is guaranteed SEO Services?

It is self-explanatory, some agencies offer guaranteed SEO ranking for businesses and they mainly do it for the following two reasons:

  1. In desperation to acquire client at any cost – should you be working with such agencies?
  2. Extremely confident of producing result – often doesn’t go as they promise.

Many people refer this as a scam. Let’s understand both in a detail.

Guaranteed SEO Services
Guaranteed SEO Services

Guaranteed SEO Services to Acquire Client at Any Cost

You may find agencies promising the page 1 result at a very basic cost and this trick is mostly to acquire the client and add into the cashflow list.

On the other hand, some businesses are also looking for very cheap SEO service and expecting top-level ranking and generally, they learn their session only a few months time that its far from true.

Often businesses lack the basic SEO education and they believe SEO can be done with just a few hours work and its all very simple and hence the cost should be less and they keep their expectation very high.

Tip: You do not want to be on that list and treated as a number.

Agencies with Extreme Confidence in Producing Results

In this scenario, though the agency may have a good experience and proven track of producing results they also do this to mainly gain clients.

No matter how experienced an SEO consultant may be, it is inappropriate to promise for something which may or may not be achieved.

Often guaranteed SEO work is rushed and not according to the best practice recommended by Google and SEO community.

Tip: Confidence is good but you should look for a holistic long term SEO plan.

Should You Consider Guaranteed SEO?

Before you think of hopping to get guaranteed SEO, it is important to understand good vs bad SEO  and learn basics of SEO here.

It’s not even worth attempting to do SEO to get ranking at whatever cost as it is almost certain that you will not get there.

Getting safe and long term sustainable SEO is the only way going forward.

Quality SEO Result
Quality SEO Result

Avoid Agencies with 100% Guaranteed Ranking Promise

You may know how some companies fake their vision and goals to lure the people and hence, sales. It’s the same for SEO companies. They claim ranking in so and so days or months. Whatever bait they could set to survive their business instead of looking for their clients’ needs. It’s natural to fall for such promises.

It is important to note that there are two main kinds of SEO work.

  • Onsite: If a website will have too much-copied content then it will have a high chance to get duplicate content SEO penalty from Google.
  • Offsite: Similarly, poor link building practice leads to link scheme and it is very hard to recover.

That’s where we come in. Let’s make this straight forward, Dear clients, Stay away from such promises. There is no need to overthink. Those guaranteed result successes are the first serious step for the fall out for your businesses.

Let’s try and simplify this, here are some of the points you should know and consider before you make a decision:

Say No to guaranteed SEO

SEO is a complicated process. It doesn’t work by the sole motives of SEO experts. There are numerous factors that come in to determine your rankings. It’s a long term process. When you are seeking for SEO services, you are looking for results, visibility and sales. Not all SEO companies have the potentialities, positive approach or adequate knowledge to give a realistic outcome.

Say No to Guaranteed SEO
Say No to Guaranteed SEO

In a simple word: No one knows the exact algorithm of Google, hence its almost impossible to guarantee the result.

Poor SEO can destroy your business

When SEO agencies set the expectation so high with guaranteed SEO, they generally do anything when they are in the pressure of not producing results. These days Google and other search engines are smart enough to pick poor SEO practices very quickly and ranking will be dropped and it may apply penalty which is very hard to recover. Learn more about how to recover from the Google penalty.

Being a business owner if you are either asking or getting in the trap of guaranteed SEO means you are putting your business at risk.

Higher competition makes it more difficult to guarantee

Level of competition can vary based on the nature of business. Some business gets less competition and some very high. When the competition is higher, it makes the SEO job more difficult as 100s of others compete for similar keywords to get ranking.

On the positive side, when there is higher competition, many businesses pushes the envelope and tries unethical (Black Hat) approaches to get ranking and sooner or later their ranking gets dropped. So, the best way to succeed is to have long term SEO strategy to get quality ranking.

What should you do if your SEO Company is not getting results?

You should have a regular conversation about the step and strategy the company is taking to improve the ranking. If you feel they are doing all the required work then you should allow them time to work and assess after a few months.

Important: You also need to think if you are on a better package which allows the company to do all the required work with speed.

But if you already been with a company for several months and still there is no change and if you have no idea what’s going on then its time to think and take steps.

Reality: Majority of companies are flooded with clients and they do not apply the required time and effort and in the pool of clients you might be lost somewhere.

Cheap Option is not the solution

Generally, businesses seek for a cheap and affordable solution and digital agencies offer cheap SEO due to the increasing competition and this doesn’t help the outcome.

Meaning if you are not treated fairly then you should make a decision and move to a new SEO provider who can provide you personalised service.

Note: SEO is long term strategy and it’s extremely important to find the right company to work with. If you keep shuffling thinks may go worse than improving. So, work with someone who has a record of keeping clients for the long term and who has produced quality results for their clients.

SEO is a very time consuming and intense process and hence you should be ready to pay appropriate monthly SEO price to get quality work done.

SEO Company can make or break your business

SEO Company can make or break your business

It may sound exciting when you decide to hire an SEO company but it can get complicated if the decision is not right. SEO companies have grown like a weed in numbers in recent years. Not only have they grown in numbers, but also claim to have achieved something when they have not. The false promises and the outdated practice are the factors to watch out for while screening out SEO companies.

A well-priced quality SEO can help you get quality work done over time and you will see gradual changes in ranking. On the other side cheap and poor SEO practices, particularly poor link building can harm your website and business and you do not want to be in that situation.

The Solution

Here are some of the points you should consider before choosing the SEO expert in Melbourne:

  • Stay away, when a company talks about guaranteed SEO result.
  • Talk to the SEO consultant and try and understand if he /she got long term vision for your business.
  • Do not keep shuffling SEO companies, the job will become more difficult.
  • Choose a company who has a holistic approach to understand your business and goals and prepare and execute campaign accordingly.
  • Work with the agency who can provide you with proper monthly work update and share the planning and strategy with you to keep all in the same page.
  • If you just pay bills and no proper communication that means you choose the bad SEO service.

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