Best SEO Tools 2023

Are you looking for the best SEO tools in 2022 to do powerful search engine optimisation? There are many tools available in the market but do you know what to use when?

Best SEO Tools
Best SEO Tools

SEO is not easy, it takes a lot of time if you intend to do powerful creative search engine optimisation and right SEO tools can help you greatly with your planning.

Let’s get started.

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Importance of SEO Tools in Digital Marketing

Data analysis and insight building is a critical part of doing search engine optimisation in 2022. You would need various SEO tools to accelerate your SEO campaign. They play an important role in any kind of digital marketing.

Everyone has their own style of working but no matter how you plan your marketing campaign, you would require SEO software to achieve powerful ranking in a competitive environment.

Free SEO Tools vs Paid Premium Subscription

There are tons of paid and free SEO tools in the market and you should only get the paid version if you really believe the tools will help you with your work and you would use it regularly.

Free Option

  • If you do simple SEO work then you may not need expensive monthly SEO software subscription.
  • You may be restricted with the amount of data it can fetch but mostly they are good enough.

Paid Option

  • You can get a more comprehensive report with a paid subscription.
  • You can also set alerts for possible errors like 404 pages, speed issue, poor backlinks etc.
  • Perfectly suitable for agencies.
  • Before signing up for a paid subscription, make sure to signup for a free trial with full feature.

What SEO Tools can do for you?

SEO software can do wonders provided you know how to use them and most importantly if you know what you are looking for and the tool can do exactly that.

It is important to know that just by having the best SEO tools can’t rank your website through some providers may be claiming to climb up your ranking.

Example: Just by installing Microsoft Excel you will not be expert in it, you will need to learn it first and then apply based on the need.

Here are some cool things you can do:

Market Research

Its is always good to know your competition and how they may be performing online. Before you start your campaign it is good to know the level of competition and the effort which may be required to rank your website on top.

You can perform powerful market research using these tools.

Backlinks are by far the most powerful SEO technique to rank a website on top. And this is one of the highest used features in any SEO tools which offers backlink analysis.

A less competitive niche can be ranked well just by doing the competition backlink analysis and doing similar or better than they may have.

Linkbuilding is one of the most challenging tasks to perform and sometime you may run out of ideas. Competition backlink analysis can provide you with some constructive link building ideas.

Linkable Assets Planning

This is one of the most difficult on-site search engine optimisation tasks. By using SEO software you can find various content building ideas to help you build powerful content on your website which potentially lead to acquiring natural backlinks. Check out our Magento SEO guide, this is an amazing example of linkable assets.

SEO Reverse Engineering

The reverse engineering approach is not the best way of doing SEO but if you would like to rank a website in a less competitive industry then this approach can work greatly.

It is absolutely OK to learn what your competition may be doing but if you would like to be on top then you must have your own creativity.

What SEO Tools can’t do?

SEO tools can’t build insights for you, you will need to apply your own learning and data analysis to come up with creative insights to rank a website.

SEO is all about creativity and tools can only provide data and statistics but it will not create a to-do task list for you based on the requirement and that is why SEO so a very challenging task.

Example: When you plan to Magento SEO, the tool can help you to a limit only, you will need to apply your own creativity to do best optimisation work.

SEO Creativity

The success and failure of an SEO campaign in a competitive niche totally depend on SEO creativity. It takes hours of effort to analyst data to build creative task lists.

Best SEO Tools 2022

Here is the full list of best SEO tools in 2022 which you can consider for your search engine optimisation campaign.

Siteliner: Duplicate Content Checker Tool

Building a good website with amazing content is a must for doing SEO in 2022. Before you think of using various SEO tools to find different kind data and statistics, you should consider building quality and authentic content.

Siteliner Duplicate Content Checker
Siteliner Duplicate Content Checker

It is a must-use tool. Duplicate content can harm your website ranking and its never too late to use this tool to find duplicate contents and do required changes to make them unique.

Google Search Console

This is a free tool from Google and one of the best software which you can use. It is the most recommended tool where you get data and statistics directly from Google.

Search console offers amazing reports and troubleshooting features:

  • You can check crawl status and if your pages can be read by Google.
  • You can fix general crawling and indexing issues.
  • You can find ranking keywords list and their position.
  • List of backlinks detected by Google.
  • You can also use the disavow tool if your website may have been impacted by poor link building practice.
  • Troubleshoot website usability, AMP and various other tech issues.

The best part about Moz site explorer is you can get high-level data analysis for free and the feature is restricted if you do multiple website audit on the same day.

Moz Site Explorer
Moz Link Explorer

Unlink most of the other tools the free version only shows you a limited data and the full feature is only available with premium subscription.

Not many SEO tools available in the market which allows you to do page level as well as domain level investigation. The page-level data is very helpful to do a specific page or keywords optimisation.

You can find some key valuable information like:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Linking Domains
  • Inbound Links
  • etc
Moz Domain Explorer
Moz Domain Explorer

Reverse Engineering Using Moz Link Explorer

This is a simple and easy process to rank low competition websites. Just enter your competition page URL and click on inbound links and you will get a list of backlinks URL your competition has used and you can start your own reverse entering process to rank your website.

Moz Inbound Links
Moz Inbound Links

This is not the most recommended method but it works just fine in a less competitive niche.


SEMRush is one of the most sophisticated digital marketing tools and you can use for both SEO and Paid ads traffic optimisation.

The dashboard looks sophisticated and provides critical information like:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Backlinks
  • Traffic by country
  • Ranking Keywords and more.
SEMrush Dashboard
SEMrush Dashboard

The good thing about SEMrush is that you can add multiple sites including your competition and just in a snapshot you can see how well your site is performing in comparison to your competition.

The free version allows you to add multiple sites but the report for individual domains will be limited only.


Another powerful but expensive tool and it is mostly used by SEO agencies.

They do not have a free version. You will need to pay to try.

Ahref SEO Tool
Ahref SEO Tool

Here some main features you will get in Ahref:

  • Similar to SEMrush, very attractive and clean dashboard.
  • Powerful backlink explorer.
  • Content building ideas and linkable assets planning.
  • Ranking tracker.

Boost Website Authority using Ahref

You can boost your website pages authority using powerful internal linking and utilising existing authority.

The process:

  • Enter your domain to Ahref.
  • Under pages, click on “Best by links”
  • Start adding internal links to your pages which would be relevant to your target new page.

Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO spider tool is UK based and you can download to use on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux distribution. Unlike most of the other SEO tools, they offer yearly licencing along with the free version.

Things you can do with Screaming Frog spider tool:

  • Duplicate content analysis.
  • Broken links and redirect chain.
  • 302 vs 301 redirect check.

You can download your copy here:

Yoast SEO for WordPress

A very handy tools used in most of the WordPress websites. If you are not already using Yoast SEO for WordPress then you should start using it.

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

The free version of Yoast is good enough for Meta title optimisation. The one benefit which you can get with paid is the internal linking suggestions which can be handy to share website authority.


Neil Patel introduced Ubersuggest which was free at the start but like any other tool now you can use the free version to generate a limited report like SEMRush.


You can consider this tool as a smaller version of Ahref or SEMRush.

301 Redirect Checker

When you change your page URL or domain permanently it is important to apply 301 redirections from the old URL to the new.

Redirect Checker Tool
Redirect Checker Tool

You must check the HTTP response to ensure it is done properly. is a very handy tool to check the server response code.

XML Sitemap Generator

Everyone has their own way of generating XML sitemap. If you do not have the XML sitemap generator in your website back-end then you can use which offer up to 500 URL for free.

XML Sitemap Generator Tool
XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Just enter you website and once processed download sitemap.xml file and upload to your root folder and submit the sitemap using Google search console.

Meta Title Lenght Checker Tool

Not many pay enough attention to ensure your Meta Title and Description is optimised to the fullest. You can use our meta title length checker tool which checks for length and other factors.

Meta Title Length Checker
Meta Title Length Checker

You can try various combinations to ensure you have the perfect combination of title and description. Once you save the changes to your website, get your modified meta title re-index by Google.

404 Page Not Found Checker

Google search console generally alerts you when it detects any 404 pages on your website. But if you do any major changes on your website it is always good to run a 404 page not found check and ensure you do not have any broken links.

Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker

Once you fix any broken links, re-run the tool to ensure you have all green.

Quality SEO work is very challenging and as it is a very time-consuming process, learn about SEO cost in Australia if you are a business and seeking quality SEO service.

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