How many blogs should I post weekly or monthly for SEO ranking?

Building quality content is one of the best and safest ways to achieve quality SEO ranking. And posting relevant compelling blog posts is one of the best ways to boost online visibility.

You should aim to publish 10 to 15 blogs per month to get the desired SEO ranking if you are in a competitive niche. While there is no same fit for all, not many businesses work so hard to publish 10 blogs a month as it is a very time-consuming and expensive exercise.

How many blogs needed for SEO ranking?

A simple rule you can follow is to try to publish more than your competition.

It is not just about the number [Important]

We all know “quality is more important than quality” and it is a fact. It is not just about producing anything to make search engines happy. The whole idea is to build compelling content that your users will love. Visit the SEO copywriting checklist page to learn more about producing compelling content.

How do regular blog posts impact SEO Ranking?

When you publish blogs or pages regularly with rich content useful for the users, search engine bots are forced to come to your site and read new pages and when this process continues for a long time, your website authority will be boosted.

Publishing content with planning, especially with topical authority consideration and proper internal linking strategies adds even more value.

Key benefits of posting regular content for SEO:

  • Fast crawling & indexing
  • Website authority improvement
  • Internal linking opportunities
  • Traffic increase
  • Ability to rank main business pages

Planning weekly/monthly SEO blog content?

Weekly content publishing should consider several steps to achieve quality and well-targeted content.

  • Create a Content Map: You will struggle to plan content topics without a map. First work on creating a content map like SEO silo or topical authority map.
  • Quality Matters: It’s not just about the volume, the quality of the content is critical.  While it is a good idea to produce more pages regularly tonnes of pages with below-average content will not add any value.
  • Set Realistic Time-Frame: Set a realistic content production timeline. Example: 3 blogs a week, roughly 10-12 blogs per month. If you can’t achieve your target some weeks, it’s fine, aim to achieve your main target with quality consideration.

How often should you post blogs for SEO?

There is no definite answer to this. You should plan as per your needs, resources and availability. The quality of your posts and the number will matter more than the frequency.

It doesn’t matter if you post weekly or fortnightly, as long as you achieve your overall target it should be good enough.

Generally, you should set a window period like fortnightly or monthly and create a process to achieve the target.

Producing SEO content with speed?

Producing quality content in high volume requires proper planning, resource allocation and training.

  • Project Planner: It all starts with proper planning, producing high-volume content with consistency and quality in check is not an easy task.
  • Content Template: It’s good to have some writing guide to follow to ensure the speed is achieved while maintaining the overall needs.
  • Content Writer & Training: A skilled team of copywriters is needed with proper training to achieve the intended target.
  • Media Production: It’s better to publish engaging content with visuals than just flat content, it is important to have a graphic designer and video editor in the team.
  • Publisher: The publisher’s responsibility is to check the content, ensure they are written correctly with facts and importantly achieve the intended goal.

For small businesses, many responsibilities are generally assigned to one person but if you want to scale consider having a proper team.

Need help with quality SEO content production?

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