Google My Business post is rejected – How to fix it? [2024]

Recently you may have noticed, some posts made in Google My Business get rejected. Initially, it appeared as a bug but after doing some tests, we discovered that it’s the filter that is flagging some posts and they are getting rejected.

Google My Business post is rejected

We all know how important it is to post on GBM to boost local and overall ranking. And it can be very frustrating when your post gets rejected.

We also noticed that those who post regularly the issue were more visible there. If you post rarely then you may not encounter this issue. Regardless it’s important to know how to get this fixed.

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How to fix when Google My Business Post is rejected?

The solution to solve the GBM rejection issue is by writing unique posts and using a new photo that may not have been used before. Try to post authentic unique content and it should just work fine. Learn more about representing your business on Google.

Your post may be getting flagged due to various reasons, here are a few steps you can follow to prevent this from happening.

  1. Irrelevant, spammy content
  2. Avoid posting the same photo multiple times
  3. Don’t use a stock photo
  4. Use an image with no text or in the centre
  5. Write unique description
  6. Avoid placing URL or Phone in the description text
  7. Add variety to your post

Irrelevant, spammy content

If you post irrelevant, spammy content then it’s most likely your post will get rejected. Any content which may appear sensitive to read may have the possibility to get picked by the filter which will result in getting rejected.

Write simple authentic content which will represent your business with a positive impact and you should be fine.

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Avoid using the same photo

While posting, just make sure you are not using the same photo which may have been used before in past Google My Business posts.

Google My Business Same Photo

Sharing the same photo with a story may look repetitive and hence it may not provide the best user experience. So try and use different photos each time if possible. A few repeats occasionally may work just fine.

Learn more about how to optimise images for SEO.

Do not use stock photos as it is

Generally, avoid using stock photos in Google My Business. In most cases stock photos may just work fine but if your post keeps getting rejected then try a more personalised photo with your GBM post.

You can also edit your stock photo to give a little more personal touch which can increase the chances of getting accepted.

Use images with no text on it

If your post is getting rejected then try a photo where there is no text in it or even if you have text then make sure they are in the centre.

Again, if part of your content will get cropped then it will not provide the best user experience.

Write unique description

Always write a unique description, no one likes the same old boring stuff, and bring uniqueness. Write a few good unique lines.

This is the easiest pick for Google to compare your post posts and reject repeating ones.

Avoid placing URL or Phone in the description text

Google allows you to display your URL or phone using a dedicated call-to-action button option use that feature instead of overdoing by placing your call to action in the description text which may cause your post rejection.

Add variety to your post

Don’t just keep posting similar matters, try to include variety which will also help you to add more unique posts.

People like to read fresh content and use creativity to create unique nice reading content.

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You may not encounter this situation often but when you do, try and follow the above guidelines and it should fix the problem.

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