Copywriting Rates Australia

The average copywriting rate in Australia is $125 to $250 per hour. You may need to pay $500 to $1500+ per page blog or website content writing. The cost is impacted by skill, experience, SEO consideration, word count and time needed to do the research.

SEO copywriting Rates Australia

Copywriting Cost Calculator

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Copywriting Cost Calculator

The copywriter cost calculator tool is designed to give you an estimate for content writing for your website or blog.

How Much Does Copywriting Cost?

You can hire a professional website copywriter on an hourly basis or by package. The hourly copywriting rates in Australia may end up being expensive as the process is very time-consuming and it requires research, planning and writing to produce amazing content and hence getting the package is more cost-effective.

SEO copywriting rate sheet:

  • Per Page Writing - $350
  • 5 Pages Package - $1800
  • 10 Pages Package - $3600
  • Hourly Rate: $125 - $250 per hour

Bundle Package: SEO + Content Writing

We are an SEO copywriter Melbourne company and we specialise in producing link-worthy content which is the best way to do SEO.

Generally, we provide content writing along with SEO services to offer the best value. If you are searching for the best content marketing agency in Melbourne then call us today!

Website copywriting pricing factors

There are many factors that go into estimating the price of SEO copywriting in Australia. If you are looking for standard website copywriting rates, then please see the price table above. The price generally goes higher with SEO content writing which is much more challenging and time-consuming.

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Website Copywriting Rates Australia

The factors which impact the content writing job is as follows:

  1. General Research & Planning: SEO copywriting requires market research, the level of content already available online, competition analysis and more.
  2. SEO Consideration: Producing general content may be an easy task but producing ranking-worthy content is very challenging. It is extremely important to understand the search intent, keywords, content flow and more.
  3. Word Count: Higher the word count, the more you will need to pay to get the job done.
  4. Media: SEO content is beyond just text, a powerful page may have data-driven charts and diagrams in an infographic format, it can also have videos, animation etc.
  5. Creativity: This is the biggest asset an SEO copywriter can have. Creativity can be related to coming up with ideas, researching, writing, merging content etc. Out-of-the-box ideas come with creativity.
  6. Australian English: You may need to pay higher if you work with a local Australian content writer but you will get the content tailored specifically to Aussie customers.

Copywriting Rates Infographics

Quality content writing helps you rank better. You may have experienced Google My Business post getting rejected due to duplicate content, we can help you to create a holistic SEO plan for your business.

Freelance copywriting rates 2021

A freelance copywriter may charge you $85 to $150 per hour to provide you with professional SEO content writing. The best part with working with a freelancer content writer is that you can directly deal with the writer which can speed up the process.

Some businesses believe hiring a freelancer website copywriter could be a better option than working with an agency.

Freelance Copywriting Rates

Whatever your needs may be we can deliver high-quality website content with will have a greater impact on your readers.

Fixed price copywriting vs hourly rate

If you are wondering whether to choose a fixed price copywriting package or hourly rate then this guide should help you.

Fixed Price Content Writing

Generally, the fixed price content production has pre-defined inclusion and exclusion and you would know what you get like:

  • Fixed word count page page
  • The research time is fixed
  • The layout, design template & content flow. You may see the example of existing content and you may get in a similar fashion.

Hourly Copywriting

With hourly service, you are not limited to the above factors and you can discuss the need specifically tailored to your needs.

You may need to pay more for hourly service but it may be more valuable for your business.

Why is next-level SEO copywriting Expensive?

If you are planning to get lin-worthy SEO content then the cost may increase significantly. Building linkable assets in a competitive niche require days of planning, writing, proofreading.

Building 5x better content than the competition is not an easy task. 

The process is one of the most difficult SEO activities but if you take the initiative to work over longer-term to build highly engaging content then you can expect to get a quality ranking.

How much does copywriting cost in Australia

The cost of building link-worthy content is anywhere from $500 to $1000 per.

It is important to note that, no content is 100% perfect based on changing search intent and hence you may need to apply changes to your existing content over time.

Note: Above pricing is a general guide only, your actual cost can be estimated only by assessing your requirement. Talk to us if you need content planning price estimation for your website or blog. We have 5+ years of experience in building next-level content which generates page one ranking in Google. We are a local Melbourne based company and we also provide digital marketing services across Australia.


What is the average copywriter hourly rate in Australia?

The average hourly copywriting rate is $125 to $250 per hour, but you may need to pay more to produce link-worthy content.

Why should I invest in high-quality content writing?

High-quality content is the foundation for SEO and keeping visitors engaged with your website. Investing in quality content is one of the best things you can do to build authority and gain market share.

What is the copywriting rates per 1000 words?

You may need to pay $250 to $500+ for a 1000 words blog or website content writing. the copywriting rate is impacted by various factors.