Copywriting Rates Australia

The cost of copywriting in Australia is $120 to $150 per page for website and SEO campaign. The price may be higher for a detailed blog or professional business page writing based on the complexity. The price of SEO content writing is impacted by research, creativity and the word count.

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SEO copywriting Rates Australia

Copywriting Cost Calculator

Copywriting Cost Calculator

The copywriter cost calculator tool is designed to give you an estimate for content writing for your website or blog.

Website Copywriting Rates

You can hire a professional copywriter on an hourly basis or by the package. Getting SEO content writing package is more cost-effective than hiring hourly. The task requires research, planning and creativity to produce amazing content and hence getting the package is more cost-effective.

SEO copywriting rate sheet:

  • Per Page Writing - 750 to 1000 words: $150
  • 5 Pages Package - $650
  • 10 Pages Package - $1150
  • Hourly Rate: $85 - $150 per hour

Bundle Package: SEO + Content Writing

Generally, we provide content writing along with our SEO services to offer the best value. Learn more about our SEO consulting services.

Website Copywriting Pricing Factors

There are many factors that go in estimating the price of SEO copywriting. If you are planning to get serious ranking online then you must invest to get a quality job done for your content to go on your website or blog. Poorly written or copied content often leads to duplicate content SEO penalty from Google.

Writing SEO friendly content is an art and it comes with years of experience plus a unique thinking process.

The factors which impact the content writing job is as follows:

  1. Word Count: If you would like to make a strong impression online then you must have a detail written content with in-depth research. Higher word count will cost you more.
  2. SEO consideration: Producing lengthy content may be an easy task but to produce ranking worthy content is very challenging as it requires keywords research along with competition and more.
  3. General Research and Creativity: Website copywriting without proper research and creativity will have minimum weight only on the internet. If you are serious about ranking then you must invest in research and creativity.

How much does copywriting cost in Australia

Freelance Copywriter Rates for website in 2021

A freelance website copywriter rate in Australia ranges from $80 per hour to $150 per hour. An SEO experienced copywriter may charge you more to include search engine optimisation into account.

Some businesses believe hiring a freelancer website copywriter could be a better option than working with an agency.

Whatever your needs may be we can deliver high-quality website content with will have a greater impact on your readers.

Link worthy SEO Copywriting Cost

If you are planning for Safe SEO then you must be thinking to build linkable aspects and the process of building link-worthy content is complex and time-consuming.

The process is one of the most difficult SEO activities one could plan and if done well then reward is far greater.

The cost of building link-worthy content is anywhere from $500 to $1000 per page which takes several hours of planning, setting the forecast, producing 5x better content then competition and more.

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