eCommerce Case Study

eCommerce Planning, Design & Marketing

eCommerce Planning, Design & Marketing

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Quality eCommerce planning, design and marketing are very challenging, not many agencies in Melbourne can achieve the next-level outcome.

Mens Business Shirts

We built a custom eCommerce site and achieved phenomenal success.

  • Google Ads: 10x+ ROI
  • Bing Ads: 
  • SEO: Regular consistent conversions

We achieved great success using manual and automated Google Ads bidding strategy and low spend re-marketing campaign.

Bing Ads was a bonus to get fractionally cheaper CPC and got regular conversions.

SEO has been an integral strategy and considered while building the site, the ranking is improving consistently.


Custom eCommerce design

While there are many popular eCommerce platforms in the marketing for Mens Business Shirts, a custom solution was an idea to incorporate amazing features like multi-buy discounts, promo code discounts and importantly a strong SEO strategy.

The features built into the customs system are so powerful that it allows us to segment data and compare the performance using tools like Google Analytics and more.

Google Ads

This has been one of the highest ROI returning websites where we designed and implemented marketing strategies in a very holistic way.

Generally, achieving 10X ROI is very rare but we made it possible using a wide range of testing and implementation.

We used a wide variety of bidding strategies and improved them regularly to achieve the best outcome.

Bing Ads

While the market share is low but we managed to win low-hanging fruits using Bing Ads.


As mentioned above, SEO strategy was the core of the website design & marketing planning.

The ranking is improving regularly and it should improve even more in the coming days.