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How to boost SEO ranking using infographics? A complete guide.

How to boost SEO ranking using infographics? A complete guide.

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Infographics SEO strategy

Infographic is a visual representation of a concept designed purely to solve users' problems. It also helps to boost website ranking.

Infographics must be backed with well-crated content writing, our team of SEO copywriter Melbourne can do exactly that for you.

Infographics SEO ranking factors

Infographics are great for SEO for simple reason reasons, see the chronology below:

  • The aim of Google is to show the best content to the user.
  • Best content means solving users' queries.
  • Now, we all know content is king, but people do not have time to read lengthy writing in most situations.
  • A well-designed infographic can be a problem solver as a visual representation can be understood very easily.
  • A page with infographics and good story writing has huge potential from the user, Google and SEO side.
  • On-page SEO can be greatly done using infographics and content building.

If you have a problem with Google not indexing website then the use of rich infographics can boost the quality of the page and hence the indexing time.

SEO Infographics Design

Traditional Infographics vs Online

Do you remember going through the furniture assembly user manual? An ideal example may be IKEA furniture which comes with a user guide. As you know they have very limited writing but they show visually how to assemble the furniture. 

Think about if they may have just written 10 paragraphs instead of showing each component visually, it may have been the huge downside as it would have been difficult to read and apply for the customers.

User manual infographcis

And that is the power of infographics.

As we all know Google applies more than one changes per day and they continuously look at improving user experience. If you really like to be ahead in the game of SEO then infographics for SEO should be one of your core strategies.

Infographics SEO Strategy Guide

High-quality content can be lifted further with infographics SEO strategy. Generally, content is not good enough unless it is a problem solving one.

A website page or blog may appear compelling with text, images, videos along infographics.

It is extremely challenging to come up with problem-solving creative infographics design but those who put the effort into planning and designing a richer experience generally also rank higher. is a great example of a website ranking very high with the use of infographics.

Our content marketing agency Melbourne can provide you with a holistic content strategy with greater consideration of infographics.

How to design compelling Infographics for SEO?

Before you think of creating a problem-solving infographics design, you must know how to optimise images for the web as this is the minimum you need in your pages.

Designing a powerful infographic can be a challenging task for some. It requires the knowledge of the subject for which you would like to design the infographic and on top of that, you also need to think creatively to place key information which will be perfect for the user. You also need to have a good graphic designer to convert the vision/plan into reality.

Best SEO infographic Design Template and Considerations

The role of Subject Matter Experts

The SME should plan the infographics by doing research and then create a rough plan on a pater to discuss with the designer. If you work with a qualified designer then you do not need to spoon-feed about the design and colour, let the designer be creative to produce the right design.

The role of a Graphic Designer

The infographic design can be time-consuming and challenging for some designer and if you have not done infographic before then you may like to review and do some study online and then get started.

It is important to keep less text and solve the problem visually in the best possible way.

SEO angle to the infographics

If you would like to make your infographics more compelling then it's worth thinking about SEO angle, you may consider the following:

  • Your top keywords must be in the heading so that when the page loads, it will be clearly visible to the user which may increase the time spent on the page.
  • Before you upload your infographics to the website, make sure you create web optimised dimension and physical size of the infographics. Keeping under 1 MB is a good idea.
  • It is also important to consider mobile devices, meaning the content should be clearly visible and readable in the mobile device. Don't make it too small.
  • Make sure you have a proper Alt tag.
  • And the page is not rich without explaining the infographics in words.
  • Some industries have more SEO opportunity than others with infographics strategy. Example, a dental practice SEO project can be greatly optimised with the help of powerful images and creative infographic media strategy.

Creating Linkable Assets using Infographics

Building a good page that is creating powerful content with the help of infographics can help you achieve quality on-site SEO and the possibility of acquiring natural links. 

In general, it is almost impossible for business pages to acquire links naturally but you need links to boost your ranking and that is why you need to think about creating linkable aspects in the form of a blog or problem-solving pages which has much higher chances of getting backlinks.

Creating linkable assets with the help of infographics can be an expensive exercise for businesses as these are top-level creative SEO strategies but it also comes with reward over time.

Before you think of creating linkable assets using infographics, you need to ensure you have a powerful website. Learn about the cost of website design with SEO consideration.

Talk to us if you need infographics SEO strategies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or other parts of Australia including SEO services in Perth, WA.

Advantages of having infographics on the website

It is important to note that just by having random infographics doesn't help the user as well as SEO. Here are advantages of having creative infographics on the website. 

  • It makes the page look rich which is key for SEO.
  • A great way to create link-worthy pages.
  • It can bring a wow factor to a page.
  • High potential to get social share and ranking.

Infographics for eCommerce SEO

If you have an eCommerce store then you may crate help section for your products which can be useful for your customers. Generally, we can answer many user's queries with the help of infographics. You may consider the how-to section on your website.

If you are planning to increase eCommerce sales then infographics SEO strategy can be one of the best ways to generate high-quality traffic and converting them to buyers.

Infographic Designer Melbourne

Do you need help with Infographic design in Melbourne? Call us now and our creative team will discuss your requirement to help you design SEO friendly infographics for your business. Work with the leading Melbourne SEO company to get out of the box SEO ideas for your business. We also serve our customers in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide for infographics design and content building.


Is infographics good for SEO?

Yes. Infographics attracts user's attention. A well designed page with infographics has great potential.

What should be the dimension of an infographic?

Generally, 800px to 1200 px width and the height based on the design need should be a good infographic size.

How many infographics should you have on your website?

It's not about the number it's about quality. Fewer but quality infographics can add more value than having too many ordinary infographics.

What should be the file size of an infographic?

Around 500 KB or less is ideal but if your design is complex then keeping under 1 MB should be fine.

How much does it cost to design SEO Infographics?

A well-designed concept requires planning, creativity and design and it may also go through a series of changes. it may cost $250 to $500+ depending on the complexity of the subject.