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We are AdWords Specialists

Consulting / Planning

AdWords is no different. It starts with planning. We meet, discuss, analyse and come up with an approach to have the best ROI.


Step by step implementation is done to achieve planning document to result oriented campaign.

Conversion / Impression

Both matters. We monitor based on campaign type and business need.

Data Analysis

We spend significant time analysing the data gathered. Based on the data analysis, required changes are implemented.


While analysing the data, reports are generated to share with the client about the campaign’s success.

Staying Ahead

Our holistic approach not only focuses at present scenario but also at the future to keep you ahead in the game.

Consulting /Planning

In this stage, we at first discuss about your business and its needs. Our focus will be particularly more on major revenue areas. Then we decide upon the areas where your AdWords campaign will target the audience and the campaign’s budget.

We then do an analysis about expected return on investment (ROI), and in the next meeting we share the conclusions of our analysis and also provide you some recommendations based on our experiences. The discussion in the meeting also touches the primary goals of AdWords advertising, which are increase in traffic, sales, brand awareness and ROI.

After all this, we prepare the final plan. Based on it, we carry out implementation.


Bases on project scope and planning, we carry out AdWords implementation. This is an important stage, so we don’t rush. Patiently and carefully we create an effective campaign.

We also analyse the strength of your business and try to create ads that will attract audience.

Account, Campaign and Ad Group are organised according to the best practice to make the use of right keywords and budget for ads.

Conversions / Impressions

For some businesses, conversion is important. However some focus on impression as their main goal is brand building.

Based on the business need, we setup and analyse the data accordingly. We focus on Search and Display networking accordingly.

If the prime focus is conversion and to increase sales, then the chief focus will go on building quality landing page.

Data Analysis

This is an important area. We spend a good amount of time on analysing data. The data give an indication of how the campaign is running and suggest making changes if the campaign requires.

AdWords is all about ROI. So to calculate ROI we use various tools and techniques.

AdWords itself produces an amazing amount of data and while analysing those data we also create reports for clients if needed.


For any business it is important to know the details about how their AdWords campaign is doing and their dollars spent.

In order to inform you about your campaign’s progress, we analyse data from different sources like Google Analytics and AdWords, use different tools and prepare simple and precise reports. Our reports are easy to read and understand.

Staying Ahead

It is important for us to keep you ahead not only of your clients and competitors but also considering the future technologies.
We all know that technology changes very frequently and it is important to stay ahead in the game.

So, we recommend various best practices at the start of the project considering the future changes that might happen and we also keep you posted with latest updates and changes.