Cost Per Lead by industry

The average Cost Per Lead (CPL) can vary from $20 to $500+ depending on the industry you are in and the level of competition you may have to advertise online.

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Generally, the higher the competition, the more you are likely to pay to acquire per lead, the cost is also determined by the quality of campaign design and the targeting options.

User our “average cost per lead calculator” below to get an estimate for your industry based on the cost per click (CPC).

Understanding and optimising your Cost Per Lead is crucial to achieving a successful return on investment. CPL varies significantly across industries, and knowing the average for your sector can provide valuable insights.

Let’s learn more about the average cost per lead by industry the factors that impact the cost and possible ways to minimise it.

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Average cost per lead by industry [Explained]

The average cost per lead by industry is impacted by various factors but the main factor is the competition & the cost per click to advertise online. And you don’t have control over this.

However, there are other factors that you can work to improve to minimise your cost per lead acquisition.

Let’s understand these factors in detail.

Find out CPC for your industry

Cost Per Lead is closely tied to the Cost Per Click (CPC) in your industry. The CPC represents the price you pay each time a user clicks on your ad. Different industries have varying levels of competition, affecting CPC rates. 

To determine your industry's average CPC, start by researching your average CPC cost using tools like Google Keyword Planner that can provide you with great insights.

Learning more about Google Ads cost and Facebook advertising costs is a good start to understanding the foundation.

Get monthly search volume for your industry

Understanding the search volume for keywords in your industry is another crucial aspect. High search volume keywords often come with higher competition, which can drive up CPC and, consequently, CPL. Analyse the monthly search volume for keywords related to your business to gauge the potential impact on your CPL.

How campaign quality impacts the cost per lead

Campaign quality plays a significant role in determining CPL. Google Ads, for instance, rewards well-optimised campaigns with lower CPC. Factors like ad relevance, landing page quality, and click-through rates influence your Quality Score. By improving these aspects, you can lower your CPC and, by extension, your CPL.

Brand & trust factor to get leads

Establishing trust and a strong brand presence can have a profound impact on your CPL. Users are more likely to engage with brands they trust. 

Investing in branding efforts, such as content marketing, social media engagement, and reputation management, can result in higher-quality leads at a lower cost.

If your customers know the brand and are trusted by the community then they are more like to enquire to get a service.


Understanding the average CPL for your industry is the first step towards cost-effective lead generation. By researching CPC, monitoring search volumes, improving campaign quality, and building trust through branding, you can optimise your CPL and maximise your marketing budget's efficiency.

How to minimise cost per lead?

The key to minimising the cost per lead is understanding the specifics and working on each segment to optimise and expect the best possible outcome.

Let’s understand the key points to minimise the cost per lead by the industry.

Avoid bidding for the most expensive keywords

One effective strategy to minimise cost per lead is to avoid bidding on the most expensive keywords in your industry. 

While these keywords may seem attractive due to their high search volume, they often come with higher CPC rates. Focus on long-tail keywords that are relevant to your target audience but may have lower competition and costs. This approach can lead to more cost-effective lead generation.

Get professional help to build quality campaigns

Building and managing high-quality campaigns can be complex. Consider seeking professional assistance from digital marketing experts or agencies. 

They have the experience and knowledge to create campaigns that not only drive leads but also optimise CPC and CPL. Their expertise can help you navigate the intricacies of digital advertising platforms effectively.

We here at webapex, provide consulting, planning, building high-quality campaigns and forecasting to help businesses stay ahead in the game.

Invest in SEO

Investing in SEO is one of the best things any business can consider to minimise the cost per lead.

With Pay Per Click advertising, you pay for every click and lead but once you invest in SEO and get a decent ranking then your leads will flow even at a cheaper rate. Learn more about SEO advertising costs in Australia.

Build brand trust & online reputation

Online reputation is critical if you are a serious business.

Investing in your brand's reputation and trustworthiness is an invaluable long-term strategy to reduce cost per lead. When users recognise and trust your brand, they are more likely to convert into leads. 

Engage in content marketing, provide valuable information, and maintain a strong online presence to build credibility. Positive reviews, testimonials, and social proof can further enhance trust, reducing the cost of acquiring leads.