Squarespace vs Wix vs WordPress

What is the best website building platform for small business?

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What is the best? Squarespace, Wix, WordPress or Custom

Are you looking to build or redesign your website but overwhelmed with the multitude of website building platforms? It is important to know that a particular platform may be perfect for some but the same may not be suitable for other businesses.

The perfect platform selection will depend on the requirement and the website design cost associated with that.

If you have a complex business requirement like eCommerce website design then you should get a consultation from an experienced consultant.

Squarespace vs Wix or WordPress

With the countless number of website building platforms out there, it is quite natural to be confused about what you should or should not opt for.

Choosing the right platform for your business can result to be highly beneficial while a wrong choice can prove to be equally catastrophic. 

Let's go through some common third party and own hosted solution to help you with the general understanding of different platforms.

Squarespace vs Wix

It is to be noted that both are user-friendly CMS website building platform.

Note: If your business process may be complex or if you are looking to achieve next-level SEO ranking, then these platforms may not be the best solution. Also, migrating from a third-party hosted solution to own hosted solution can be challenging especially if you may have tonnes of pages to manage redirection and other SEO activities.

You do not need to be a coding expert to manage Squarespace or Wix site. Most of the features are darg and drop.

Here is the overview of all the pros and cons of each platform that’ll help you make the right choice.


Wix is paid simple and easy to use a website builder for small businesses, personal blogs, portfolio sites.

You can also have a simple eCommerce store but you may not get a powerful experience like Magento or Shopify.

There are different Wix payment plans available to choose from.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Wix.


  1. Templates: Wix provides a plethora of upgraded and professional-looking templates with pre-built layouts to choose from. You can take your own creativity to the next level by customising an appropriate theme.
  2. Mobile-Friendly: These days most of the website building platforms offer responsive website design and Wix is no different.
  3. Library of apps and plugins: It has a huge marketplace of tools, apps and extensions compared to Squarespace with about 300+ apps from both Wix and third parties.
  4. Website security: Wix takes care of any risk of general website security, unlike own hosted solution you do not need to worry about this. It has an SSL certificate that enables it to protect customers and store data information.
  5. Support: Apart from general 24/7 support they also have priority phone support with the higher package. 


  1. Premium tools for eCommerce: The apps marketplace provides basic functionalities like multiple currencies, shopping carts etc. required for eCommerce stores for free. However, to opt for more advanced eCommerce features, you need to upgrade your plan.
  2. Customisation is restricted: General changes you can do any time but high-level customisations are not available.
  3. Harmful for long term SEO: If you want to invest in long term website SEO, Wix surely isn’t the right option. Although you can incorporate basic SEO strategies like keyword targeting, meta tags etc., it lags in terms of advanced and modern SEO.


Squarespace is a drag and drop CMS that was initially made for bloggers, photographers, videographers, and other small and medium-sized business owners. But with time, it has gained its popularity and is one of the main competition of Wix.

Learn more about Squarespace pricing.


  1. Templates: Squarespace provides you with 100 plus free templates of high quality and stunning designs along with added visual effects. Moreover, you can do some level of customisation if you have technical skills.
  2. Customer service: Squarespace has a commendable 24/7 customer support integrated with live chats and email tickets. It also offers other helpful guides like video tutorials, FAQs and webinars.
  3. A good deal of apps and extensions: It has built-in plugins, apps and extensions that are necessary for an eCommerce store and accountability, such as share buttons for Facebook and Twitter and more.


  1. No phone support: Squarespace doesn’t provide any telephone support in terms of customer service. Thus, it is highly unlikely that you’ll get an immediate response regarding any urgent issues you might have encountered.
  2. Paid advanced eCommerce features: Similar to Wix, Squarespace also provides the basic functional features, required for any eCommerce website. But you need to subscribe to its Business Plan to get access to more eCommerce advanced tools.
  3. SEO: Due to the restrictions you can only do some level of SEO. Although you can implement a few basic SEO strategies like adding alt text for images, improvising meta titles and URLs etc., advanced SEO is where it falls apart. Hence, it can be damaging to your website SEO in the long run.

WordPress vs Custom

When it comes to Content Management Systems, there is always this debate between whether you should go with an all packed WordPress website or a custom-designed website. However, it solely depends on what your website is about and your long term goals in context to it.

So, for a better understanding let us look at the detailed overview of the pros and cons of both the systems such that you can decide for yourself which is best for you.


WordPress is the #1 CMS of all times, and it powers about 60% of the websites today. It was originally built for blogging, but with time it has evolved to provide a place for more complex and bigger websites.

WordPress own hosted solution is by far the most popular website design platform in the world. It is used for standard website building along with some very powerful implementations. You can download WordPress here.

The WordPress community offers by far the highest range of free and paid plugins which makes the task much easier.

You also have the option to choose WordPress hosted solution and it is perfect if you are planning to build a high volume traffic website and you do not want to deal with load balance, security and more.

However, the own hosted solution offer freedom to customise as your needs and you can also achieve better SEO implementation activities.

Here, we are going to give you a detailed outlook on the ins and outs of Wordpress.org.


  1. Easy to install and use: WordPress has a simple installation process and your website can be easily set up within a short period. Also, it is very easy to use and manage due to its simple navigation and click-and-drool interface.
  2. Myriad of themes and plugins: WordPress has a multitude of outstanding paid and free themes that would help you level up the desired look of your website. You can easily download any themes of your choice from its vast library and design your website as per your brand’s persona. In addition to that, you get hands-on access to its extensive range of 1 click install plugins that help you customise your website to extend functionalities, boost performance and speed, and more.
  3. Responsive design: You can find tonnes of free and paid responsive themes. You may have to do some work to find the right theme for your business considering there are tonnes of ordinary to premium quality themes available.
  4. Cost-effective: WordPress is a ready-made and an open-source (accessible and editable by everyone) CMS. All the design and development aspects are relatively cheap, and so, it is a cost-effective alternative for many bloggers.
  5. Huge Community: If you have any issue then you may not be the first person, meaning you will be able to find quick and easy solutions to your problems online.
  6. SEO Friendly: WordPress has a wide range of SEO plugins that are meant to help you with basic SEO strategies to improve your ranking such as the addition of title tags, meta tags, website speed and more. One such widely used SEO plugin is the Yoast SEO plugin of WordPress. Almost all the bloggers and website owners of WordPress seem to use to avail greater SEO benefits.


  1. Customisation: Although you get the chance of customising your website themes, without a good knowledge of the functionalities of WordPress, the task can often get complicated. Moreover, if you are not well-equipped with website designing practices, it can be troublesome. So, to prevent any trouble, you need to have the assistance of well versed and experienced website developers.
  2. Data Security and Vulnerability: Although being an open-source platform can be all in all beneficial, it also poses a great threat to data security. Due to the regular plugin updates and security patches, your website can be highly vulnerable to potential hackers and spammers. Timely update and upgrade are important.


Custom built website designs are the most powerful and can be used to solve complex business problems. Such websites are mainly built when the owners require extended adjustments that website building platforms can not provide.


  1. Unique: Custom websites have the room to be highly unique with added new functionalities. They are built as per your brand specifications and without any restrictions. That will help set your brand and website design apart from other competitors in the market.
  2. Ease of Customisation: There is no limit to customising your website. You can add or remove plugins and other extensions easily as per your website’s performance, regularly and without the hassle of templates or coding issues, unlike other website builders.
  3. Speed optimisation: Website loading speed is necessary when it comes to SEO. Custom built websites provide room for speed optimisation by timely modification of the functional aspects of your website with more ease, which is not really possible for other platforms.


  1. One of the biggest disadvantages of a custom-built CMS is that it falls on the more expensive side compared to WordPress and other platforms. That is because you will need to invest your money on experienced website designing professionals with advanced skills along with hosting and support.